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Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday, February 26

Good morning. Or actually, good afternoon. I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars last night. I was highly entertained, and really enjoyed watching with our friend, Phil. There was not one evening gown that I thought was inappropriate and was really glad that red seemed to be one of the predominate colors of the gowns. The only movie that we saw was Little Miss Sunshine, and it did fairly well in winning. Now we need to try to see some of these movies on dvd, to see what all of the hoopla is about. All in all, an enjoyable evening. Long, but glad that Phil was here and was able to stay through the whole show and then could stay and visit a little more.
Which brings me to today - David and I just cannot seem to get going today. It's that wild and crazy Oscar watching that did us in, I guess!! I don't feel fabulous and had a sneezing fit a little while ago that just about put me back in the bed!! Ah, I predict a very allergic spring!! Anyway, we are trying to get out of the house, but so far, it just ain't happenin'. But we have prescriptions to pick up (always!) and I think a trip to the coffee shop is in order, too.
So, everyone have a great afternoon. By the way, this is not my cat, but I do have one that looks identical, except mine has green eyes. But he WOULD get in the dryer in a flash, if he had the chance!!


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