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Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

What an absolutely gorgeous day it has been in Vicksburg, Mississippi today!! It is so hard to believe that at this exact time last week, it was cold, dreary, with snow flurries!! I prefer this! David has been inventorying (?) his van all day long, and I have been some tax stuff done, but I sat on the deck and listened to a couple of cds, and that just did my soul some good!! I listened to the new Taylor Hicks cd, which is good, easy listening, and then I listened to our new favorite band, Robert Randolph and the Family Band. OMIGOD!!! I so HIGHLY recommend this cd, "Colorblind" and challenge you to sit still during the first song!!! We discovered them by having Austin City Limits on a Season pass on our TiVo and the other night we were just going to sample it before we deleted it. Before the first song was over, we were looking at each other and I immediately came in here and looked them up. Their video to the first song on "Colorblind" is on YouTube and it is called "Ain't Nothin Wrong with it". They played in Starkville last night!!! It would be great if we could get this band for Riverfest. It would be the first time in all of the years of Riverfest that Patricia Reid would venture out to hear somebody!!

Well, I need to go fix some rice. Tonight is "must see television" and I want to be through with everything before Earl comes on. Thank goodness this is the last week of sweeps. Next week will be reruns and we can get something else watched! I am not watching American Idol this year. It is just too draining for my brain to watch any of it. I'll just read the recaps. But, "So You Think you can Dance" will start again on May 24. I'm so there. Not so much with "Dancing with the Stars" though. Heather Mills? I guess she is trying to make everyone forget that she said that our sweet Beatle stabbed her with a broken wine bottle, AND took her leg from her so she couldn't go to the bathroom!!! Oh, please!! I hope that the people in the front row will be able to duck in case said leg decides to fly off!! OH I AM SO TERRIBLE!! DID I REALLY WRITE THAT??????? I'm just sayin'.............

P.S. That is NOT my cat, but dang, look at him!!!!! I did think mine (and Erica's, sorry Parky) were big but they are teensies compared to that behemouth!!!! But he's just big boned, I'm sure.


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