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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I think I saw Piglet and Pooh blowing by, it's so blustery!!!!

Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone is fine on this February Saturday. It is not as cold as it has been, but man oh man, that wind is sure blowing! The windchimes are working overtime today!! And it is a very nice continual sound.
We plan to get something accomplished today but David's horoscope ACTUALLY SAID that he would be sitting on the couch watching television, reading, or talking on the phone!!!! He just watched something, and now a friend has called and he is talking on the phone!!! I guess he will be whipping out a book next, don't you imagine?? After I read his, I halfway expected mine to say "you will not get anything that you have planned to do done today because your other half will be on the couch, watching television, reading, or talking on the phone." Seriously. My plan for today is (was?), shave and bathe the matted little kitten, look for tax stuff, hang up a few things, just get some stuff done. BUT, I guess tomorrow his horoscope will say "sleep until noon, get up, read the paper, while your wife has taken care of all of the animals, looked for the tax information, bathed the kitten, and collapsed around 11 a.m."! Those wacky stars!! Oh, speaking of "stars", apparently Britney Spears has shaved her head. And breaking news, Anna Nicole is still dead. Story updated every hour.
The one thing that really needs to happen today is go to the coffee shop. But there is a Mardi Gras parade downtown at 2 so I want to avoid that at all costs. Hopefully, all purple and green will be gone by the time we get down there. Nothing against it, because I really do like the color scheme of purple and green, I just don't want to see the revelers pretending that Vicksburg, MS has a REAL Mardi Gras parade. It is really quite lame. But that's just my opinion.
So, everyone have a good day. Stay warm and safe!


  • At Saturday, February 17, 2007, Blogger Editor said…

    I visited your site throuh Marian.
    I also enjoyed your cats and forwarded your site to IMAO.
    hope he checks out your site.
    Good Luck


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