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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ANOTHER update on the hanging wire

So, I am sitting back here at the computer at 9:30 when I hear my doorbell ring. It is my neighbor, Dessie, saying that there is a wire hanging and there are bags on it. I told her yes, we put the bags there to alert the traffic, and she said she had called 911. So, we're standing out there and a police car drives by. Just drives right on by. A few minutes later, here comes another police car, so Dessie flagged him down. Well, here comes the first one and they park at the top of the street with their blue lights flashing, RIGHT next to my other neighbors, the ones that go to bed at dark. Dessie leaves and I come in to tell David, who is not feeling well from having chemo this morning and working way too hard this afternoon, and he is on the phone with his mother when he gets a beep. It's Cheryl, across the street. Now Cheryl reads this blog so she figured what it was about but she wanted to make sure that was all it was about! Thanks, Cheryl!!! When I walk back out, though, there was Marian, wanting to know if everything is all right. Thanks, Marian!!! And then here comes Matt from across the street with a couple of his friends!! I asked the cops if they could turn off the blue lights, because it was late and they did. All the neighbors went back home, then, so we stood outside talking about calling "the new AT&T" and their superior customer service when ANOTHER cop came up. This was an older guy who told the younger one that if I called Bellsouth this afternoon, they sure weren't coming out tonight!! One of the younger cops kept looking at the line and then said it was a really good idea about hanging those bags up on the wire. Kudos to David Reid!! Then the older one said that the birds were going to be pecking at them tomorrow because he could see bird seed in it, and I told him that it was dirt from under the bird feeder, but that there were "cat deposits" in it, more than likely, too. He laughed and said let "the new AT&T" take care of it!!! They were all extremely nice and added some non-life threatening excitement to our little piece of the earth tonight!!!

So much for me going to bed early!!! David is feeling a little better but he is still running a fever, which I don't like. He is going to call the nurse tomorrow. I will, of course, keep you posted.


Update on hanging wire

Well, the "new AT&T" has yet to come out to fix the wire. It has been over four hours ago that I called them, benefitting from their superior customer service. So, since it is dark, and since it would be OUR house that would be affected if a SUV or huge ass truck came flying up or down the street, we have hung four Wal-mart bags with dirt in them from the wire and taped them so they won't all slide to one spot. This way someone will have to slow down and say "what the hell?" and then they will not rip the wire completely out of the house. Now we are supposed to have horrendous weather tomorrow. I hope that they will enjoy fixing it in the rain, rather than just a breezy afternoon today. And the thing is, it will probably take them less than fifteen minutes to do it. And if anyone who reads this works for the phone company, don't be offended, COME FIX IT!!!! Thanks.

Wednesday Afternoon

So, I was sitting in a chair in my bedroom this afternoon and all of a sudden I hear this loud, grinding noise. I jumped up, expecting to see a cat swinging from the ceiling fan or something, and there is a huge, I mean HUGE Penske truck at the side of the house, dragging the phone line down from the pole. Did he stop? Why no, of course he didn't! This truck was up a block from us when we came home and David commented on whether the people were moving in or moving out. If they were moving in, well, great, another neighbor who doesn't care about anyone but themselves!!! We certainly need more of them around here!! Luckily, all of my "stuff" still works, but this is a phone line, so, after hearing about "how Bellsouth is proud to be the new AT& T", I finally got through to a live person, who apparently considers it an honor to talk to me and give me superior customer service. Yeah. After she told me that, oh, I am not who you need to talk to, and after being put on hold for a few minutes (superior?), I finally got someone else who was honored to talk to me and was willing to provide more superior customer service. I told her what was happening, she agreed that it needed to be taken care of, since a truck or SUV could just rip that sucker right off of the pole, and a couple of hours later, I have seen no one from Bellsouth, uh, I mean, the new AT&T. And about that, didn't they break up the Bell Telephone system because of monopoly laws, and how can all of it now being AT&T not be a monopoly? I'm just asking.

This is not the first time a huge truck, one that is NOT supposed to be on our street, has damaged wires. The first time actually caused a flash fire, shut down our electricity for several hours, and we had to have an electrician, the phone people, and the cable people all here to get everything back up and running. The beer truck that did it raced down the street, but there were some men working on a roof that saw what happened and actually chased the truck down the street while calling 911. Then the kid that was driving kept saying that the older guy was driving but when the police came, they had to admit the truth. And the police kept grilling me about "what I heard or saw", which was nothing, since I was in the bed at the time (it was early morning). Three different policemen came and treated me like a criminal, and one wanted to accompany me into my house while I changed clothes. Needless to say, he did not!! Anyway, the beer company had good insurance and got someone out to fix everything pretty fast AND even threw in an extra 50 bucks for my "stress and inconvenience", which was nice.

So when this happened today, I envisioned that whole scenario happening again. And since no one has shown up to fix this yet, it still may happen before the evening ends!!

And we have to go to Wal-mart. The horror...........

The last day of February, 2007

Good morning, all. Today is the last day of what has seemed like, the longest month of the year. It is so hard to believe that February hasn't been SIX MONTHS LONG!! I am ready for March!

David has chemo in a little while, so that will be fun. And I haven't even been downstairs to let the dogs/cats out. I know that the river will be waiting for me, thanks to Goober. I am so frustrated with her. I love her, but she gets so excited and just pees and pees and pees, and frankly, I am so tired of dealing with it!! If she was a calmer dog, one that didn't try to herd every other animal around, I could put her back outside with the other dogs, which would be absolutely wonderful, and the problem would be taken care of. BUT NO, she has ticked off Sadie so much that I do believe that she would rip Goober from limb to limb, and as annoying as she may be, I certainly do love her and don't want anything bad to happen to her. What to do, what to do.......

Erica came in 2nd on the Impress These Apes challenge. Her last bit is a family bit that she and David go into hysterics over, so that was quite a "tribute", so to speak, to her dad. Congratulations, Erica, on a great 8 week run! And please, get to feeling better!!!!

Well, that is all for now. I am putting a picture of Goober on here for those who don't know what she looks like. She's cute. She's loud. She's annoying. She needs a job herding sheep or something, though.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday, February 26

Good morning. Or actually, good afternoon. I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars last night. I was highly entertained, and really enjoyed watching with our friend, Phil. There was not one evening gown that I thought was inappropriate and was really glad that red seemed to be one of the predominate colors of the gowns. The only movie that we saw was Little Miss Sunshine, and it did fairly well in winning. Now we need to try to see some of these movies on dvd, to see what all of the hoopla is about. All in all, an enjoyable evening. Long, but glad that Phil was here and was able to stay through the whole show and then could stay and visit a little more.
Which brings me to today - David and I just cannot seem to get going today. It's that wild and crazy Oscar watching that did us in, I guess!! I don't feel fabulous and had a sneezing fit a little while ago that just about put me back in the bed!! Ah, I predict a very allergic spring!! Anyway, we are trying to get out of the house, but so far, it just ain't happenin'. But we have prescriptions to pick up (always!) and I think a trip to the coffee shop is in order, too.
So, everyone have a great afternoon. By the way, this is not my cat, but I do have one that looks identical, except mine has green eyes. But he WOULD get in the dryer in a flash, if he had the chance!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar night!

Here I am, after cleaning all day long, too tired to walk the red carpet with the rest of the celebrities.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My new philosophy!

Saturday, Feb. 24

Well, y'all. What a day. What a day. A big storm came roaring through, right on schedule, with more on the way. That's exciting. We went to the coffee shop. Got some coffee. That was exciting. We have lost four bank statements. That is annoying. AND we got a $320 gas and water bill, due March 10. That is INFURIATING!! My mother's bill was $315 and she called them and they told her that she needed to turn her heat down. Hello? It's been friggin' cold lately, more so than usual. We HAVE turned our heat down, but David gets cold so easily, we can't run the risk of him getting sick. Add this to the St. Dominic hospital bill that ALSO came in the mail today, AND the $225 electric bill due this week, WOW, do they think we're made out of money?? They are trying to make Vicksburg a retirement community but if elderly people (and not so elderly!) can't run their heater when it is cold, that's not too much of an enticement to move here!! Personally, I want to move to Cape May, but I know the expenses there are high, too. There is really nowhere to go that expenses are reasonable, these days! I guess we could live in a cave somewhere, but that probably wouldn't be too warm either!!
Oh, I hear the music to "Lawwwwrence, Lawrence of Arabia". I so do not want to watch that this evening!!! I guess it is on because Peter O'Toole is up for an Oscar tomorrow night. Speaking of the Oscars, Phil is coming over and we are going to have jambalaya that David is making. Yummmmy!! I really don't care who wins, I just want to watch it.
Yesterday at the coffee shop, one of the originators of Pigfest, the music/food fest that we went to in Louisiana in October when Jean was here, was in there and we talked about this coming year's Pigfest. And Jean, he said the "facility" problems that we encountered would be corrected this year!!! Yay!!! No more ditches!!!
Well, I need to go make my tuna fish sandwiches. Now if the power goes out tonight because of this storm, I will be really really ticked off. If the missing bank statements show up, I will be elated. And if nothing happens, I will be grateful.
And that's the way it is, here in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Have a nice evening.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I look like I am waiting for canned cat food!

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This is a picture that Jean took of me on my birthday with my German chocolate cake from the grocery store. Jean and I really enjoyed that cake the week that she was here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

What an absolutely gorgeous day it has been in Vicksburg, Mississippi today!! It is so hard to believe that at this exact time last week, it was cold, dreary, with snow flurries!! I prefer this! David has been inventorying (?) his van all day long, and I have been some tax stuff done, but I sat on the deck and listened to a couple of cds, and that just did my soul some good!! I listened to the new Taylor Hicks cd, which is good, easy listening, and then I listened to our new favorite band, Robert Randolph and the Family Band. OMIGOD!!! I so HIGHLY recommend this cd, "Colorblind" and challenge you to sit still during the first song!!! We discovered them by having Austin City Limits on a Season pass on our TiVo and the other night we were just going to sample it before we deleted it. Before the first song was over, we were looking at each other and I immediately came in here and looked them up. Their video to the first song on "Colorblind" is on YouTube and it is called "Ain't Nothin Wrong with it". They played in Starkville last night!!! It would be great if we could get this band for Riverfest. It would be the first time in all of the years of Riverfest that Patricia Reid would venture out to hear somebody!!

Well, I need to go fix some rice. Tonight is "must see television" and I want to be through with everything before Earl comes on. Thank goodness this is the last week of sweeps. Next week will be reruns and we can get something else watched! I am not watching American Idol this year. It is just too draining for my brain to watch any of it. I'll just read the recaps. But, "So You Think you can Dance" will start again on May 24. I'm so there. Not so much with "Dancing with the Stars" though. Heather Mills? I guess she is trying to make everyone forget that she said that our sweet Beatle stabbed her with a broken wine bottle, AND took her leg from her so she couldn't go to the bathroom!!! Oh, please!! I hope that the people in the front row will be able to duck in case said leg decides to fly off!! OH I AM SO TERRIBLE!! DID I REALLY WRITE THAT??????? I'm just sayin'.............

P.S. That is NOT my cat, but dang, look at him!!!!! I did think mine (and Erica's, sorry Parky) were big but they are teensies compared to that behemouth!!!! But he's just big boned, I'm sure.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday, Feb.21

It's been an interesting day today. I got up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed, but it was warm and I took care of the animals then went to eat lunch with Norma. David joined us and we had a nice time sitting there talking about stuff. But then that overwhelming fatigue hit me again and even though the sun was shining and it was 80 degrees, I came in and went to bed!! And it's not even 8 in the evening and I am about to go to bed AGAIN!! Maybe tomorrow, which is supposed to be a beautiful day, I will feel like getting out. But in the meantime, I could fit right in with these little stretched out kitties! Have you ever seen anything so precious??? These are some tired kitties!!!!!
So, everyone, have a great evening and I hope that your Thursday will be magnificent!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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My facial today was absolutely fabulous! Very relaxing, very soothing. I felt just like this kitten when I was finished!! I wish it was something I could do every month!!!
Thanks again, my wonderful kids and kids in law!!!!

Update on Teddie

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been very concerned over Teddie. She is not eating or drinking, therefore her bodily functions seem to have stopped. I gave her some canned cat food, though, a few minutes ago and she ate it with gusto! So, we are hoping that she will be feeling better and stay with us for quite a while longer!! I mean, look at her face! She is just precious!!

Tuesday, February 20

Erica is now in third place in the IMPRESS THESE APES show in Chicago. She is not too far behind the one in first place, though, so next week's final challenge needs to knock those apes' socks off! Do apes even wear socks? I'm pretty sure that they do in Chicago.

Other thoughts today - we are very concerned over our little crippled kitten, Teddie. We bathed her and cleaned her up Saturday afternoon, and for a little kit, she certainly is very strong, because she fought us every step of the way. It took us over two hours to to do it! But she has hardly moved since then, not eating or drinking much, which really worries us. If I took her to the vet, they would just probably recommend something we do not want to do, so we are cuddling with her and loving on her. I am going to try to give her some canned cat food today and see if she will be inspired by that. And yes, I know we have other cats and there is certainly no cat shortage in the world, but this is a special kitty. And yes, we have lots of more important stuff to worry about, but we will do all that we can to make her comfortable and happy. You should see her gaze up at David while he is holding her - it is pure adoration. They both benefit from it.

All right. I am getting my birthday facial today. Thanks kiddoes!!! I am looking forward to it immensely. I can't wait to have a hot towel wrapped around my face. Seriously! I can't wait!! Well, I have to wait until 2 this afternoon. I will come out looking 10 years younger! right.


Monday, February 19, 2007

New Flickr account, new blogspot

baby cats
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I do not like technology very much. I can't put pictures on my blog the way I always have done, I had to "upgrade" my blog, which I did, and it STILL wouldn't let me put a picture on it. So, I went to Flickr and after I wrote a post, IT wouldn't let me do it because I had upgraded my blog!!! HUH???? So, I clicked on some buttons and it sent a "test blog". Let's hope that this one shows up there, too!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

What are the odds??

Okay, think about this: I had two children, Christopher and Erica. They moved away at adulthood and met, and fell in love, with two other women's children. Of ALL of the people they could have married, what are the odds that BOTH of their mothers-in-law would have the same birthday, February 20????? And mine is in February, which is kind of, not mind boggling, but mind quivering!!
SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIANA CUTSHALL OF CAPE MAY, NEW JERSEY AND RACHAEL GERDES OF ROUND ROCK, TEXAS!!!!! Cards would have been in the mail today, but there was no mail today!!!! So, they will get sent tomorrow!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TOMORROW, GIRLS!!!!!!!
I tried to put a cute picture on here but it doesn't work at the moment. I'm pretty sure it would have been a cat!!!!!! You know, something totally unexpected from me!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have spent so much of this day trying to gather up stuff for the taxman. We have a ton of medical expenses to claim, so I went through the last year of our bank statements online. The problem is, the print is very small, and I have never been able to see very well out of these bifocals, so that was very strainful to my poor weak eyes. And the bank statements list who you used your debit card with, but NOT who you wrote a check to! So, I got through September, just writing down check numbers, amounts, and when they cleared, but when I went back to check on something, it threw me out! I didn't need to be told twice! ENOUGH ALREADY!! Now we have to go back through the actual paper statements that came in the mail and find out who we wrote the checks to, which won't be easy because, and this is bad, we haven't opened the last 5 months of statements. Seriously. I just go on the website everyday, see what has cleared and what the balance is and go on my merry or most of the time after I see the balance, NOT so merry way!! I will probably try to finish the rest of the year tomorrow, then start matching checks to check numbers. David reminded me that we can claim mileage for medical purposes, so that is a whole other couple of days, since we have to go to Jackson quite often for doctor appointments and scans and other fun stuff dealing with this dang, what am I saying, I mean DAMN disease!!
Anyway, this cat's eyes look like what my eyes feel like!!!!!!!
Happy President's Day!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I think I saw Piglet and Pooh blowing by, it's so blustery!!!!

Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone is fine on this February Saturday. It is not as cold as it has been, but man oh man, that wind is sure blowing! The windchimes are working overtime today!! And it is a very nice continual sound.
We plan to get something accomplished today but David's horoscope ACTUALLY SAID that he would be sitting on the couch watching television, reading, or talking on the phone!!!! He just watched something, and now a friend has called and he is talking on the phone!!! I guess he will be whipping out a book next, don't you imagine?? After I read his, I halfway expected mine to say "you will not get anything that you have planned to do done today because your other half will be on the couch, watching television, reading, or talking on the phone." Seriously. My plan for today is (was?), shave and bathe the matted little kitten, look for tax stuff, hang up a few things, just get some stuff done. BUT, I guess tomorrow his horoscope will say "sleep until noon, get up, read the paper, while your wife has taken care of all of the animals, looked for the tax information, bathed the kitten, and collapsed around 11 a.m."! Those wacky stars!! Oh, speaking of "stars", apparently Britney Spears has shaved her head. And breaking news, Anna Nicole is still dead. Story updated every hour.
The one thing that really needs to happen today is go to the coffee shop. But there is a Mardi Gras parade downtown at 2 so I want to avoid that at all costs. Hopefully, all purple and green will be gone by the time we get down there. Nothing against it, because I really do like the color scheme of purple and green, I just don't want to see the revelers pretending that Vicksburg, MS has a REAL Mardi Gras parade. It is really quite lame. But that's just my opinion.
So, everyone have a good day. Stay warm and safe!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday, February 16

Another cold day, but it's Friday, so that is good. I hope that David and I can head to the coffee shop this afternoon for our therapy session!! A good cup o'decaf and a biscotti goes a long way towards perking me up!
Norma's eye is doing well. Fuzzy's eyes are doing well. David has had a couple of weird side effects from the new treatment, but nothing bad. In fact, his feet have been numb for months from one of the treatments and for the first time, he is feeling tingling in them, like they are "waking up". It would be great if this treatment reversed that neuropathy! BONUS side effect!!!
I need to go to the bank so that's all for now. Have a great Friday!
Oh, and wouldn't it be great to see a "painted cat" like this one? I can't imagine getting any of my cats to sit still long enough to do it!! Maybe catnip is involved!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's for supper?

Thursday, February 15

It is so hard to believe that February is halfway over. And yesterday was such a busy busy day. David had his first treatment with this new targeted chemo drug, Vectibix, and luckily, there are no side effects evident yet. This one, as with Erbitux, causes that horrible facial, back, and chest eruptions, which will probably show up in a few days. We are not looking forward to that, needless to say. BUT, we have high hopes for the drug, and sitting there watching it slowly drip, I said a little prayer ("said a little prayer"-Erica knows what that is!!) that this will be the one that really does the trick. The nurse had never administered it before, so she was excited too! We lead such exciting lives!!
But, on top of all of that, my mother-in-law had her other eye's cataract removed, so after chemo and a meal, we went flying out to the hospital and she wasn't even out of surgery yet! We got her car, took it to her house, I brought David back here, called Erica to check on Fuzzy, who had lasik surgery on both eyes yesterday, went back to the hospital, got Norma, took her home, and then was going to go to the grocery store for my mother and us, but I just couldn't do it. It was so cold, I was so tired (I had been up since 4 a.m.) and we ended up at the coffee shop, the most therapeutic place in town! Then my sweet husband, as a Valentine gift to me, let me come home and HE went to the grocery store and picked us up some supper!! So, I should RIGHT NOW be tending to my animals in this 28 degree weather because I need to take the groceries to mom and then go get Norma and take her to the doctor by 10!!! LAWSEY Y'ALL!!! I so need cloning!!!!
Fuzzy is doing well, having some pain yesterday afternoon, but he just needed to sleep and hopefully, he is fine and dandy today. And Katie has apparently had a bad cold this week, so I hope that she is doing much better today. Everyone is traveling this weekend, except us, so BE CAREFUL!! The farthest I am going is to, you guessed it, the coffee shop!!!!!!
So I had better get a move on!! Everyone have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

This is just so wrong for a Southern girl to have to deal with! I mean, DANG!

Parker in sink

Parker in sink
Originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Cats. Gotta love 'em.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Kate O'Leary's Valentine

Kate O'Leary, one of Fuzzy and Erica's best friends (she was in their wedding and designed the invitations and thank you cards) has designed this unusual Valentine. She is now living in Japan for several months, but thank goodness for the internet, we get to see this cute little picture. I believe that if you go to her website, and I don't know how to include links so I guess you can just google her, you can order cards that she has designed. It is too late to get this one, but now everyone can see it!
David just came home with Wendy's combo meals for lunch and it is lovely out, so we are going to eat on the deck!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watch out!

Today David and I had a lovely lunch with Cheryl and her father. And of course, I ate more food than I needed to, but it was good!! Thanks, Cheryl, we really enjoyed it!!
The picture just seemed appropriate - that is how the week is beginning to look, flying right at us, so we better watch out and not get scratched!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


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My son-in-law, the ninja.

Friday, February 09, 2007

It is too cold today.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


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Hello out there in blogger land!

What a week, what a week! it is hard to believe that my birthday was just four days ago - it seems like it was 4 months ago!! Jean has been here this week for the birthday celebration and we have had a lot of fun, eating, eating some more, and then just basically, you guessed it, eating. It has really been good for me for her to be here, to be able to talk to someone, and I could feel my spirits starting to lift after she had been here a couple of days. It has really taken my mind off of the CT scan that David had today, of which I was absolutely almost paralyzed with fear. So, the results.
As Dr. Graham said, he was disappointed, but not discouraged. There are no more growths, but the ones that were already there have grown, a couple of them, considerably. BUT, there is a new chemo drug that has just been approved and David will start it next week. The doctor was walking out the door and I reminded him that David had already beaten the odds and he turned around and smiled and said that it was remarkable. Isn't that nice? So, while the results could have been better, they sure could have been a whole lot worse!!! We're in it to win it!!! Now, maybe I won't be having such crushing stomach pain for a couple of months. The next scan is May 10, so I expect it will be back a couple of weeks before that, but in the meantime, I hope I can stay calm. Like I said, having Jean here has helped tremendously. She leaves on Saturday and I hate that, but her dad and her dog need her and she needs them. And I am going to try to keep getting out and getting my mind off of things. That will help.
I will be getting a cat trap this weekend to try to catch these feral cats that are howling around the neighborhood. They aren't as bad as they were the other day, and I love me some kitties, but these tomcats are wreaking havoc with my good little cats and marking their territory EVERYWHERE!!! If I can catch the female who has attracted all of these admirers, the toms will probably go away. Shoot, I halfway expect Pepe LePew to come around with his "ack acks of love"!!!!!
Okay, that is all for now. It was so beautiful yesterday, 71 degrees, now it is very cold and will be cold all weekend. I would love it to be 75 all year round. It sure would save on utility bills.
Have a great day!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weensie Birthday Wish

Weensie Birthday Wish
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Today was my birthday. Noah Ginex, a close friend of the Fuzzy Gerdes's, sent me this character that he has created, Weensie Bumblestump. Isn't it precious???

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

Okay, these are NOT pictures of a groundhog on fire. The groundhog is predicting an early spring this year. As I mentioned to Erica in an email, I have mixed emotions about that because we only have a couple of days of spring, then it is 90 plus degrees and I am not ready for that yet. We'll just have to wait and see!
The pictures above are of barges burning on the river last night. Apparently one hit the Mississippi River Bridge and then burst into flames, then hit two more barges and they caught on fire. I wanted to ride up and look, since we live so close, but David didn't feel like it, plus they probably did have the whole area closed off to keep people just like me from being in the way!! Luckily, no one was killed or injured, which is amazing, but you know that the first barge's owner is chin deep in lawyers and insurance companies today!! I smell a big lawsuit coming from this incident! Norma is taking me to lunch today to celebrate my birthday, because we are all going to be watching the Super Bowl on my actual birthday. I need to do some more cleaning before tomorrow when Jean is coming in. We are going to the airport to get her in the late morning and then just shlepp around Jackson for the rest of the afternoon. I have a couple of birthday coupons that I can cash in for free stuff!!
AND, tomorrow is Fuzzy's birthday!! They have shows tomorrow night but apparently a bunch of the friends are getting together afterwards to celebrate his big day.
And Happy Birthday tomorrow to Susannah, in Texas. She and I are the same age, so she is a young woman!!!! Have a great day, Susannah!!!
February is a great month. My birthday, Katie's mother's birthday, Fuzzy's mother's birthday! I think that is pretty neat, all of us moms connected by our kids. And to celebrate our birthstone, I am reading a book AMETHYST DREAMS! Coincidence? I think not!!
Enough already!!! Have a great day!!!
P. S. These photos were taken by Paul Ingram. Now, Paul and I went to school together from day one. He is now a successful businessman here in Vicksburg.