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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today, January 25

Well, this is just a quick post. Norma had cataract surgery on one eye today. I took her to the eye doctor Tuesday afternoon and could not believe it when I heard her and the doc talking about getting to the hospital by 10 on Thursday for the surgery! He had had a cancellation so it was set up and today after I took David to chemo, I picked her up and took her to the hospital. Now, hospitals should just have a sign on the front that says "hurry up and wait" because that is what we did. I finally had to leave at 12:45 to go get David and they STILL had not come for her. I got back to her room a little before 3 and they had just brought her back in! It seems that they didn't even get to her until almost 2 o'clock!!! So, they left her this survey to fill out about her experience. Everything went well, EXCEPT FOR THE TIME!!!! But, she was going to come stay with us, but she decided to stay at home and a friend is taking her to the doctor tomorrow because I have to take my mother to the doctor. And David just found out he has to go to Golden Moon tomorrow (almost three hours away) and I would go with him, but I guess I need to stay in town because of the mothers. We'll just see how everything works out.
Today, though, in the midst of this running from one medical facility to the next, I found out some devastating news. One of the men that David had been having chemo with, and who we had talked to many times, and who I thought was doing well, died yesterday. They didn't tell David at the clinic, we saw it in the paper. He called and asked about it and apparently Milton just went downhill fast in the last three weeks. He went in to treatment on Monday, and they contacted hospice but he died yesterday at home. And that is what scares me so much, that this big man was taken down that fast. I guess it goes without saying that this next CT scan (on Feb. 8) has me terrified. Milton was only 46 and was a very very fine man. He will be missed.
So, on that note, and since my eyes are all watery now, I am going to collapse in the bed.
Later. And that precious kitty is one of my grandcats, Mokey.


  • At Friday, January 26, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    I am glad that you made it through the day. I thought about you all day long, but decided not to call last night because I knew you were trying to rest. I sent you another e-mail about eating lunch with me on Saturday. Let me hear from you. Love you! (See you are a grandmother, of sorts!)


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