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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday afternoon at the coffee shop

Well, we don't have any money, didn't want to stay home, I didn't feel great. Where do we go? THE COFFEE SHOP, WHERE ELSE?!?!? We got there a little before 1 this afternoon and left a little before 5 after eating bagels, drinking coffee and cokes, and having some really good visits with friends. It was fabulous! There were not too many people in there when we got there, but the place became packed as the afternoon wore on. Daniel was very busy, and only one employee was there (Josh went home sick. This crap is really getting around!). Everyone seemed very happy, though, and although we didn't plan to stay all afternoon, it really helped both of us feel a lot better. And when I told one guy that my birthday was in two weeks, he asked my name and then as we got up to go, he said that he probably wouldn't see me within the two weeks, so in his booming voice (he plays Santa Claus), he sang Happy Birthday to me, and then everyone clapped! I had to explain that it was in two weeks, but thanked everyone. The funny thing was, I was extremely pale when we went in there, but boy did I turn red after that birthday song!!! But it was a very nice afternoon and here it is, early evening, and I am in my flannel pjs ready to watch a movie and eat some pizza!!!
And tomorrow will be an afternoon and evening of football games. GO SAINTS!!!!
It is cloudy and supposed to rain, absolutely perfect watching football weather!
Have a great rest of the weekend!!! Oh, and this is just a random dog picture, but it is kind of Gooberish looking, don't you think?


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