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Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday night

It is so cold. Not Chicago cold, but it is still cold. I have been in cleaning mode, throwing away tons of magazines (there are still tons left, but I have to start somewhere!), I changed 8 litter boxes this afternoon, and then David came home and we went to the coffee shop late and had a wonderful cup of decaf with half of a bagel while we visited with Daniel and Josh. That place is just therapeutic, you know? I have even become accustomed to the jazz playing in the background. And I don't really like jazz!!!
Tomorrow I have to take Norma back to the doctor, then run a few more errands with her (she still can't drive) and then maybe, MAYBE, I can cash in my gift certificate for a facial that my wonderful children got me for my birthday. It would be quite relaxing, and I am in need of relaxing, that's for sure. If not tomorrow, then hopefully I can get there Wednesday. It may sleet Wednesday, however. If it sleets, the whole city will shut down!!!! One of the biggest ice storms that Vicksburg has ever had started on my 35th birthday, so this is the time of year that that stuff happens. As opposed to August, when it has never sleeted.
So, have a great Tuesday. By the way, I love carousel horses. I really want my own personal carousel horse some day.


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