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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wow, less than two weeks until Christmas!

Can you believe how fast the time is flying by? Just like the reindeer!!! I cannot believe that we will be in Cape May in less than two weeks. I am trying to get everything under control, i.e. gifts, wrapping, cooking, that kind of stuff. And in the middle of that, I need to clean up the house and get it ready for our housesitter. One time he brought his mother in here and they made derogatory remarks about our bedroom!! HELLO? Stay out of my bedroom!!! I was really mad about that, so I think he has backed off of doing that in the times that he has stayed here since. But I do need to vacuum and dust and all. Do I want to do that? Why, NO. I DO NOT!!!! And it is hot and muggy today, so I have the air conditioner on, which will not do our sinuses any good. No wonder everyone goes around coughing and sneezing here. It was literally freezing the other day, now you could wear shorts.
David's face is doing something new. It is hurting him quite a bit, but we are hoping that the worst is over. Of course, we don't know that - his treatment last week may cause it to break out overnight like the last time, plus he has another treatment tomorrow. It is quite disconcerting, to say the least. We are invited to a dinner tonight but he may not feel like going. I hope he does, because it will be a nice meal and I would really enjoy that!! But, I will do what he feels like doing, which may be ordering pizza for supper!
The roofers worked until almost dark yesterday, anticipating this rain that came in today. To be honest with you, I cannot tell too much of a difference in the old roof and the part that they did yesterday!! But it is suppposed to last 50 years, so it will be the last roof that we will have to deal with!! They will be back tomorrow and probably finish up Thursday. That will be a relief to get it done before our trip. And then there will go all of our money!!! But it had to be done, regardless.
Okay, that is it for now.


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