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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update on today

Well, I found my cell phone. It was in the car, thank goodness. It is now three p.m. and we haven'at left yet, due to David doing paperwork. We also have to go pick up some medicine for him before we leave town, and y'all, I could really use a cup of coffee, REAL BAD!! A BIG ONE, FULL OF CAFFEINE AND SUGAR!!!! We'll see, though.
Goober is at the vet - she was all excited until I took off her leash and the girl put another one on her, but she adapts quickly and will be running the kennel before morning. Ginnie picked up Teddie a little while ago and that little cat raised a ruckus!!! She growled and hissed and fought us so badly that we had to put her in a cat carrier. She is so used to her own little world that she was just scared to death! Hopefully, she will calm down because Ginnie is a cat mama, too, and will love on her a lot. Seeing how she reacted makes me very glad that we aren't taking her on this trip! She would either get hurt or hurt us, and personally, that is not one of the goals I have in mind to accomplish for our Christmas holiday. The dogs know something is up, they have these long faces and are just sitting in their dog house. ALL of the litter boxes are clean, ready to be used (I'm sure they have all already been several times.). The outside cats are inside the big pen and while they will probably whine and mew a few times, they really have it so good in there they will have to be forced out when we get back!! The man staying here will check in on them once a day, but they have enough food and water for a week. The upstairs cats know something is up and they are following me around, meowing and basically being pitiful, but they, too, have plenty of food and water and Michael will socialize with them some since he is going to be spending most nights here. They wouldn't have it near this good if we had boarded them at the vet! And our last name would have to be Rockefeller (sp?) if we boarded everyone!! They do not have enough ROOM to board all of my animals!!!!!!
And I just shoved stuff into some bags - what I need, I will buy. Everything will be wrinkled but so what? It's Christmas!!!
I have all of the presents on the deck so I won't forget them. None of them are wrapped so we will have to do that in the hotel room tonight, IF WE EVER GET TO ONE!!
I will try to post while we are in Cape May, but if I don't get to, never fear, there will be massive postings when we get back. Plus we are taking the camera so we can share the beauty of Cape May with everyone.
That's it for now. I do hope we get out of Vicksburg before dark, but it is so dark now, I am not sure we will make it. At least I'm not driving!!!
So,Merry Christmas!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!

By the way, the reason I put the cat nativity scene back on here is because we are celebrating the birth of the little tabby Jesus. Feline Navidad!!!!!


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