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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday night, Dec. 9

Hey, all! How is everyone doing, just a little bit over two weeks before Christmas? We had a very nice day today. We ate a light lunch at the coffee shop (I basically inhaled a bagel with cream cheese. MMMM good!), then we went to Canton (about an hour from here) to walk around a couple of antique stores and see all of the lights in Canton Square. For those who don't know, Canton is where several movies have been filmed - A TIME TO KILL; OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?; MY DOG SKIP and probably some more but those are the only ones that come to mind at the moment. It was very pretty, lots and lots of people, and we ate a very nice restaurant. We ate way way way too much food! But it was good and the atmosphere was very nice, with Christmas songs playing and everyone wearing festive outfits. I got their bread pudding for dessert. I'm sorry, it doesn't even come near the bread pudding that I make! Thank Carolyn for the good recipe!
Anyway, we then stopped off in Madison at the Wal-mart and to be honest with you, I was surprised that there was no crowd!!! There weren't even lines at the checkout counters!!! Either people have finished their shopping (like moi), or they are in denial that Christmas is actually coming rather fast! Ironically, basically all we bought was a lot of granola bars and some cat food!!! But at least it's done - our Wal-mart will be a madhouse tomorrow because Sunday afternoons seems to be when everyone in Warren County needs to go there! I will avoid it, believe me.
But we are home and David is listening to one of his Christmas presents, a CD of the Arc Angels, from 1992. It is very very good. I recommend it.
Well, that is about it for now. The kitty in the picture is Puffy, one of our outside cats and the mother of some very beloved cats in our lives, most of them already gone over the Rainbow Bridge. She will not come in, but she looks mighty precious in her basket, doesn't she?
Have a great evening!


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