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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday, December 11

Well, I am going to be a nervous wreck today! The roofers just showed up and already the banging and ripping is quite jarring!! I haven't let the animals out yet because I wanted to drink my coffee, but they are already barking constantly,at least the dogs are barking constantly, so EXCEDRIN HEADACHE #new roof noise plus incessant woofing, HERE I COME!!!!! But they said they will be done in three days and it should look very nice. Let's just hope so!!! Too bad I still don't drink!!!!
Update on roofers: Okay, I go out to put a letter in the mailbox and I said good morning to a couple of the men standing there. One guy said, what's so good about it, which kind of caught me off guard. I told him he was alive, that was good, and he replied that that was about the only good thing about it, having to deal with a roof like ours was a terrible way to start the week!! Hmmmm. This isn't "extreme makeover" or something where they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. We have to pay them big bucks to get this done!! What could I say, I just said I'm sorry and came back inside. So then I go out to let the animals out (which, btw, they are freaked! Candy ran off and hasn't come back. Okay, addendum to that, Candy just came in. They aren't happy about being in today, because it is a perfect kitty play outside day, but I feel better knowing that they are safe and away from machinery.
Anyway, a guy was smoking and about to throw his cigarette on the ground. I asked him not to just leave all of their cigarettes on the ground because I didn't want to have to pick them up. They are all male chauvinists, because they looked at me like "how dare that woman speak to us"! In fact, the guy who owns the roofing company, always wants to talk to Mr. David, not me, I guess not even believing that a couple can be equal partners. Okay, I am riled up. If they all want to smoke, then they need to join us at the cancer clinic every week and watch David get hooked up to an IV. That may not stop them from smoking, but it sure would let them realize why I cannot stand to be near the smoke or cigarette butts. If they insist on smoking, well then they can pick it all up at the end of the day. Is that too much to ask? It is just common courtesy, a trait that is in short supply in this day and age, unfortunately.
That's all for now. Thank goodness I need to go to the store!!
More on this topic as it unfolds.......


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