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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wow, less than three weeks until the big day! How in the world did THAT happen?? I have been putting Christmas ornaments on the tree, put ribbons outside on the door, and we decorated Lurch and Fester, but haven't been able to put it on the computer yet. Hopefully, that will be rectified within the next couple of days.
The weather has been cold and beautiful, perfect holiday weather to get stuff done. I went shopping today for both mothers, saw Norma at Walmart, so I took her around to just about finish her shopping up, then we went and ate a fabulous meal at Ameristar. I will never lose weight with all of the food during the holidays! ANYWAY, I took her back to her car at Walmart and headed to my mother's house, where I was to give her all of the stuff I had gotten for her to give, AND to get reimbursed, and she met me at the door saying that she had sat on her glasses and I needed to take her to get them fixed!!! I WAS SO TIRED!!! But we went and when I got home, all of my little kitty cats were at the door, waiting to come in, because even though they all have real fur coats, they were chilly!!!! And they wanted canned cat food!!! So, I didn't get inside until about 4:30 and I really just want to collapse on the couch. David has been in Gulfport since Sunday night so he is on his way home. If I were a really Susie Homemaker kind of wife, I would have a hot meal waiting for him when he got home, but hey, I have just been trying to keep him healthy, don't expect me to cook, too!!!!!!!! Cereal will get the job done for both of us!!!!!! He has another treatment tomorrow, and hopefully he will sail through it as easily as he did last week.
I wish I had a Christmas picture to put on here, but I don't know how to just find those and put them on my blog, so here is just a cute one to make you smile!


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