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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

holiday tips

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Happenings on December 13:
David had another treatment today which seemingly took forever. Man, you can get tired just sitting for hours.
The roofers came and worked all day and when we came in from chemo, their trailer with shingle pieces and boards in it were in the carport. That was kind in of inconvenient. Hopefully, they will be through soon and we will have a wonderfully beautiful roof.
Highway 61 Coffeeshop had a great ad in the paper today - it was a picture of all of my children from when they were here at Thanksgiving!! And today, of all days, I didn't get a paper!!! I was so tired and looking forward to the picture, and there was no paper. So, I called and they didn't come for a long time so I went to Marian's to see her paper. It is a great picture, and while I was there, the guy drove up and gave me my paper. He had to listen to me rant and rave about why they seem to forget me all of the time. I hugged him though, and thanked him for listening to me! And then I called and left a message for Marian apologizing for being all freaked out. But y'all, I was tired and distraught!!!! It has been a long day!
And now I am very tired. So, enjoy the newest cartoon.
We'll talk later.


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