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Friday, November 10, 2006

You're not gonna believe this!

I am about to tell you the tale of David's CT scan, taken yesterday at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. It will leave you shaking your head, I guarantee it!
So, the night before these ordeals, David has to drink a barium shake, not a pleasant thing to do, by any stretch of the imagination. It makes him feel pretty ooky, to be honest with you, then he can't drink or eat anything until the next morning, when he has to drink ANOTHER barium shake. His test was scheduled for 10:30, but we have to get there about thirty minutes earlier to check in and all that good stuff. So, we leave in time to get there on time, but traffic was pretty heavy and we squeaked in right before 10:30, which now will make us later getting out of there. After he checks in, he drinks ANOTHER one of the shakes, but before he is through with it, they call him in, where he has another thing (not the shake) to drink, plus they hook him up to a drip to send the dye through his body. All of the magazines in the waiting room are the same ones that were there in August, and the two that were fairly recent were in Spanish. I was bored. Bored, bored, bored. I got up and looked out the window several times (it was a gorgeous day), walked around, and then finally made a phone call. Of course, here comes David at about 11:40 saying let's get out of here and go eat. We get back onto Lakeland Drive, discussing where he wanted to eat, stopped at the bank, and his cell phone rang but he didn't get it in time. We checked the message and it was St. Dominic scheduling asking him to call them immediately. He tried but all he got was voice mail. So, we decide on Corky's Barbeque, we turn into the parking lot and park and his phone rang again, this time I answered it. It was St. Dominic saying that we had to GET BACK TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY!!!! They didn't know why, just that they had been called to catch us before David ate anything or we left town. Back out into that horrible traffic again, we get back to the hospital, go in, and the reception desk knows nothing of the phone call. Well, I am imagining that they are going to tell David to get his affairs in order RIGHT NOW or something. They go to find out and then come out and ask us BOTH to come back there (that never happens). The CT scan guy is out there and, are you ready for this, tells us HE FORGOT TO DO THE CHEST SCAN!!! HE FORGOT!!!!! By this time I am hyperventilating and shaking so badly. They sit me down and the nurse runs and gets me, are you ready for this again, A WALMART GIFT CARD FOR TWENTY DOLLARS, for our trouble!!! The guy kept apologizing, but David had to have another IV put in and we finally got to eat around 1:30!!!!! I still find it hard to believe that one of the best hospitals in the state, FORGOT TO DO THE TESTS THAT WERE ORDERED!! The guy offered to buy us lunch in the cafeteria, but David was like, NO, I want barbeque!!! We hightailed it out of there, needless to say. And the Brunswick stew and barbeque were absolutely delicious, much better than hospital food, even free hospital food!!!!
We get the results on Tuesday. Send up some prayers, keep your fingers crossed, light a candle, think good thoughts, that the results from this fiasco will be great!
Have a great day!! I plan to do just that!!! TGIF!!!!


  • At Friday, November 10, 2006, Anonymous myalerts22 said…

    Oh you lucky people! Hope the scans will come out ok. Why did I call you lucky, how about getting a diagnosis of "Simple Heartburn", prescription is in a picture frame now as the ral diagnosis when a competent doctor got involved: Bladder cancer.
    Mistakes are mistakes, but some are just worse mistakes. Hope you can have a good laugh about it if nothing turns up that is.

  • At Friday, November 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey! I cannot believe all that mess. It would only happen to y'all. I always do have you and David in my prayers, and I have an extra candle lit, also. Hang in there! By the way, I love the pictures you have added to your blogs. Love you, Cheryl

  • At Friday, November 10, 2006, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    To "myalerts22", I hope that you are okay now. We've been fighting for over two years now and keep hoping that each scan will show that it is going away. So far that hasn't happened yet, but we aren't giving up hope.
    Thanks for your comments.

  • At Monday, November 13, 2006, Blogger Dana said…

    Oh my gosh golly! I'm so glad they caught their mistake, but sheesh! That's a big mistake!

    Good Luck!
    Dana Dardai


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