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Monday, November 13, 2006


Okay, folks, if you are living anywhere near where Transiberian Orchestra will be performing, do me a favor and ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! They were in Jackson last night and it was a fabulous concert. It was certainly something that David and I needed!! We sat on the fifth row, which was good in a way, and not so good, in a way. First off, when people stand up, you have to stand up, too, just to be able to see the stage. Good thing was, the performers would run over and you could see them up close and personal!! That Al is such a cutie!!!! Bad thing, the smoke and chemicals from the pyrotechnic show got me to sneezing, which has continued on to today. That sucks. Good thing, you can see all of the contraptions moving to make all of this smoke, laser beams, and fire work. Bad thing, we had a couple of people in front of us who were very loud, very disruptive, very very annoying. And these were grown women, probably in their fifties (if they were younger, then they need to go to Walmart and get some Olay Regenerist, STAT!). The one with the spiky bleached out hair, well, I thought some very uncharitable, un-Christian things about her! She just put out a vibe of "groupie", if you know what I mean!!! But, other than those women, the concert was fantastic, a kick off to the Christmas season, then just a good, all around rock show! When it was over, I told Linda (my sister) that I would be ready right then and there to buy tickets for next year!! She stayed to talk with the band, as she does every year, and told them that, and asked if and when they were putting out a live DVD. They said that they were thinking about it, but if they did, nobody would come to their shows!! NOT TRUE!!! The "liveness" is what makes it so great! So, hopefully, they will consider it in the near future. And their signature song, "Carol of the Bells", well, it just doesn't get much better than that! The performers, also, seem to really enjoy what they are doing, which translates into a better show than if someone was just going through the motions. Plus, a dollar from every ticket sold goes to a local charity. This year the check was for almost $6000 dollars, and I am pretty sure there were tickets sold yesterday that will be added. It went to a non-profit charity called Good Samaritan, which they presented to a representative last night on stage, before the show. Do you get the impression that I really loved the show???!?!?! ORDER YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!
And tomorrow we get the results from the latest scans. I told David that he had better be at the concert next year and he said he plans on it!! So, everyone, if you don't mind, send up a couple of extra prayers if you get the chance. Of course, I am extremely nervous, but know that even if they aren't that great, if just means that we have to double our efforts in getting him cured!!! I will let you know, whatever the results are, on a later post. And regardless, it will NOT ruin our holiday plans!! We are really in the Christmas spirit and plan to stay that way!!!
Well, that is it for now. Have a great day!!


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