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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

Well, tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, my chickens are kind of thawed, I took the cornbread muffins out of the freezer for them to thaw, Christopher and Katie have been here since about 6 p.m., Erica and Fuzzy were somewhere in Missouri around that time, so they will be here pretty late. I am very very tired, so I probably won't wait up for them.
It has been a pretty stressful day - David went for the eight hour chemo treatment at 8:30, I did all of my animal duties so I could take him some breakfast at about 9:30, then Norma would come sit with him so I could go get him lunch, blah, blah, blah. Well, he gets there and Pam, the nurse, told him that she didn't have enough of the drug to give him, PLUS she said that he needed to be near an emergency room during this initial treatment. I called to make sure everything was all right as she was telling him this, and I am sorry to say, I just lost it. Poor Pam had to hear me sobbing and everything. On oncology nurse has to be one of the strongest kind of nurse ever, dealing with such stuff. Anyway, he will be going to Jackson on Tuesday at 8:30 to have the treatment in the clinic which adjoins the hospital and someone has to be with him all of the time, with a button to push in case something happens. Luckily, Erica and Fuzzy will still be here so she said they would take us over there, which means that they can either bring in food, or she and I could go and get something while Fuzzy sits with David. Boy, he signed up for a lot on July 29 marrying into this family, didn't he? I think he doesn't mind, though. So, I am absolutely mentally and physically drained from all of that this morning. I am relieved that David will be feeling well for the weekend, but am terrified about Tuesday. I just do not feel good, my lips hurt, for goodness sakes!!! I feel that I have aged ten years in the last 30 months!! So, I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel up to hosting T'giving dinner here at our house! I am just not going to worry about whether or not everything is perfect, although I do hope that Norman Rockwell would think our dinner would be worth painting!!
But I do hope that everyone who reads this will have a wonderful day with loved ones. The weather should be perfect here, not too cold, not too warm, so that will make sitting on the deck an absolute must in the afternoon, sipping a cup of coffee or tea! And everyone, don't spend too much money on Friday!!!
Have a great one!


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