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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, after Thanksgiving

Well, we survived Thanksgiving. The fridge is still full of leftovers, but I am kind of sick of them. The dogs may get very lucky when it comes to treats in the next couple of days!! Or I could make a really strange soup/stew with them...nah, dog treats sound a lot better!!
Christopher and Katie left this morning. I hated to see them go, but in about three and a half weeks from now, we will be at their house in Columbia for the drive to Cape May for Christmas!! Unbelievable that it is coming up that fast!!!
Erica and Fuzzy are still here for a few days. David has that first big, eight hour treatment in Jackson on Tuesday, so thank God I won't have to be there alone to take care of everything. I admit it, I am so overwhelmed at times that I need someone to do my thinking for me!! And this treatment is dangerous - they won't do the first treatment unless there is someone with the patient at all times AND you have to be near an emergency room!! Needless to say, I am quite nervous. The odds are very small that anything serious will happen, but that chance is there. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated on Tuesday!!
Today is the open house downtown and the weather is gorgeous! The coffee shop will be open, too, so that will be perfect! Everyone else is still asleep now though, and to quote Garfield, I'm bored bored bored...... I could go sit out on the deck, but that is kind of boring, too, at the moment.
The sweet kitty here is Alley. She loves curling up in front of the fireplace. Right now she is sleeping on top of the computer monitor, warm and snug as she can be. Looks can be quite deceiving in kitties, though, because she tried to destroy some knit sleeves of Erica's a couple of days ago. But cats don't care - they destroy, then sleep the sleep of angels, not a care in the world!!! I love 'em.
That's it for now. Hopefully, some pictures of the family will be on here soon, and I will share.
Have a great afternoon!


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