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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, Jean is leaving tomorrow, headed back to Florida and her real life. It has been so wonderful to have her here this past week. It was nice to have a sounding board, and boy did she hear a lot!! It helped me tremendously, because, I'm sorry, I do need to cry sometimes and this was very cathartic. We have eaten out, shopped, cooked, just sat around watching television, just the kind of things that really are good to do with a friend!! And she organized me, y'all!!! She could make a million dollars doing what she did here, at least to people with money!!! My table is clean, we went through tons of old bills and statements, she shredded all of them, she put new hardware on my cabinets, she fixed David's work shirts, she sewed up a couple of seams in my shirts, and right now she is labeling my new storage system!!!! And she is just like the energizer bunny!!!!! Hopefully, when she comes back in February, things will still be in order, maybe even better!! I still have to do that in my bedroom, where there is a huge box of old bills and junk, and then organize my magazines and books, maybe even get rid of a lot of them!! I am inspired!!!!! It would be a lot less stressful to keep everything in order.
So, these are just a couple of pictures, Jean and I, and then David (duh!) and I.
The real world here in Vicksburg creeps back in tomorrow, too. I have my tests on Tuesday, David's have been changed so we don't know when he will have the CT scan, all that good stuff. And then the holidays are RIGHT HERE IN OUR FACES!!! Time to start wrapping, planning, getting the groceries, the essentials to make the holidays perfect!! At least the attempt to make them perfect!!!
Thanks, Jean for a fun and helpful week!! Have a safe trip!!!!


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