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Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's cold today!!

Well, the wind finally died down, the temperature is pretty chilly, a perfect November day, IF you have a coat and some heat!!!! Of course, it may be 80 degrees for Thanksgiving!! You just never know here in Mississippi. I know that there is an email that has been circulating around for the last few years about how you know you are in Mississippi because you can have the air conditioning on in the morning, and the heat has to be turned on in the evening. YESTERDAY!!! That is what we had to do!!! I was freezing until David reminded me that I still had the ac on, WITH A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE!!! But the wind gusts (some were 40mph!) kept blowing back in the fireplace and it smelled terrible, so David scooped up the ashes and put them out on the deck!! It really helped. I need to get some of those scented pinecones or something to throw in there.
Well, I am back in my "research" mode. I ordered something in the middle of the night that I feel will be very beneficial to David. The problem is, it is very expensive, but you know, I have a good feeling about it, so out came the credit card!! I really was impressed by all of the research done on it and I do believe that in a few years, it will be a mainstream cancer treatment. We just have to get the jump on it!! Hopefully, it will be here quickly.
Well, I started the last two paragraphs with the word "well", and "well" is the word that we want to hear from the oncologist, so I gladly use it to start this paragraph. And to end it!!! WELL............have a great day!!!


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