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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Insomnia strikes again!!!

Yes, it is after midnight, and I am so tired, but can I sleep? NO I CANNOT!!! And I feel like clawing my skin off, I am itching so badly!!! What is up with that?
We didn't go to the movie today, as planned. We ended up running a couple of errands and then going to the coffee shop, where we had a nice afternoon visiting with someone we knew. Daniel showed me his new little oven and he hopes to soon be making little pizzas, cupcakes, all kinds of goodies like that. And the bookstore next door is coming along wonderfully. They even have the sign up - Loralei Books. I cannot wait until it is open (they are shooting for the day after Thanksgiving). Anything to keep people downtown. Even the mayor was in there this afternoon, not that that was any big thing, but if he spreads the word, that can't be a bad thing for the coffee shop!
Well, I am going to try to go to sleep. Take care. OH, and isn't that the cutest little dog butt you have ever seen???? I wish I could be that comfy!!!!


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