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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Feet

Okay, everyone. You have to go see this movie. I just about melted with the "cute" overdose, and just had to put my hand over my mouth during the first thirty minutes, it was just so CUTE!!! The music is perfect in it, and boy that penguin knows how to dance!! There is the social awareness part of the movie that kids won't get nor would they care about, but mostly, it is just, for the lack of a better word, CUTE!!!! Robin Williams has several characters and it really is funny when one of them is talking. AND, before the movie, there is a preview to the new Harry Potter movie, that absolutely is breathtaking. Coming soon to a theater in July 2007!!!
And another thing, after we left the theater, we went to eat something at Cracker Barrel. Why do they have this big-ass fireplace if they don't ever have a fire in it? It is freakin' cold today!! Several people walked up to it and were disappointed that it wasn't "on". I asked if they could light it and they tried, rather half heartedly, and then all you could smell was the gas fumes coming from it!! The woman sitting next to us said that she was going to have a fire when she got home, since C.B. didn't have one going. In Mississippi, you really have only a few days that a fire that size would be comfortable, so they should take advantage of it while they can!! But, it is Vicksburg, so why am I not surprised?
All right. That is it for now. The roofers should be here tomorrow, so that will be good to get that over and done with. We shouldn't have to get a new roof for another 50 years now!! What a relief!!!! Oh, and that creature posted above, he's not in Happy Feet!!! That was just the closest thing to a penguin I could find!!!! A "pencat" or "catquin", take your pick.


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