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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


First off, can you believe that Thanksgiving is only three weeks from tomorrow?? Good gawd Gertie!! The holidays are upon us!!!!
Yesterday, it was quite warm, with the chance of rain. By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was pretty obvious that rain was not going to drown out Halloween trick or treaters, damn it!! Jean and I ran and grabbed some burgers early, since David had gone out of town and I didn't have to worry about feeding him. Bumpers Biggie bags. Two burgers, two fries, two drinks, and two greasy apple pies.
We get back. Right on time, 5:30, the first trick or treaters arrived. Not ONE had on a costume and most were carrying Walmart bags. And most of them probably are studying driver's ed. Seriously. They all had to be in high school. I gave each of them ONE piece of candy, explaining to them that the candy needed to go to the little kids, and most laughed and understood. The next batch did have a lot of little kids, some in costume, some not. Two little boys had Christmas bags, which I thought was a great idea. So, everytime I would sit down, the doorbell would ring. I was out handing out candy when this adult with a horrible mask walked up, with a bunch of little costumed children around him. I was laughing and handing out candy and he looked in my door and asked, "Is that Ms. Mucha?" and I was like, well, yeah, and he said that she needed to come outside. I motioned for her to come out, and she was, understandably, apprehensive. The guy then said, "Ms. Mucha, I am going to take my mask off and you will know who I am!" and he did and it turned out to be a young man who graduated with Jean's son, Jason in 1992!!! They hugged and he told her that he had FIVE children!!! He is a very nice young man, he had introduced himself to me a couple of years ago when he moved into the neighborhood (I wish all of my neighbors were that nice!). So, that was cool. A couple of minutes later, the doorbell rang again and there was a line stretching to the sidewalk, but right past my porch, on their knees, were David and Rhonda Day, owners of Horseface Harry's Restaurant. I busted out laughing, while all the kids were looking at them kind of weirdly. They came in and we had a nice visit. David D. is just a hoot. We had seen them at the coffee shop a couple of days ago, well we saw David and his daughter, Elena, that is, and he just cracks us up. They left and the crowd started to dwindle, and at 7:30, right when it was to end, a car drove up and two kids got out, I "treated" them, and then we turned out the light and shut the door. All was quiet on the street after a few minutes. I looked out a few minutes later and everyone's porch light was back on, so I turned mine on and went my merry way.
SO, this morning, I decided to take down the Halloween flag and while I was up on the step ladder doing just that, I noticed that SOMEONE STOLE ONE OF MY PUMPKINS OFF OF MY BALE OF HAY!!!!!!!! THEY STOLE MY PUMPKIN!!!!! I figure that it was one of the teenagers who had ditched their car up on Drummond who came back and took it because I didn't give them much candy! And to be honest, there were more teenagers than little kids, so it could have been one of many! But I hope they made a pie with it and didn't throw it in the street or something destructive like that. I now have to replace that pumpkin because there is a dent in the hay where it has been sitting for a couple of weeks. Dang pumpkin stealers!!!
This morning, also, it was quite warm still. We went and ate lunch with Norma and while we were eating, it started to rain. We walked out after about an hour and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Then it started to rain heavily, and when I went out about an hour later, it was getting quite cold. In fact, I finally started a fire in the fireplace (silly word!) and we now have the heat on and it will be in the thirties tonight!!! No wonder everyone gets sick around here!! But Mistletoe Marketplace started tonight and we are going on Friday so the weather will be absolutely fabulously perfect for this annual event! I cannot wait!!!!
Well, it is after nine and I am still not adjusted to the time change so I am exhausted. I have to go walk Goober in the cold rain. thatwillbesomuchfun.


  • At Wednesday, November 01, 2006, Blogger cap'n hardqore said…

    who was the mystery classmate of jason's?

  • At Thursday, November 02, 2006, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    Jessie somebody. Jean thought his last name was Green. Jason thought White. I looked him up in the phone book because I do know where he lives and neither one of those were in there, so he may have an unlisted number. African American, VERY nice, VERY proud father. He decorates this house for every season, too. And he apparently was in your mom's class when she taught at WC that one year.

  • At Thursday, November 02, 2006, Blogger Fuzzy said…

    I'm imagining your teenage vandal taking your pumpkin and thinking "I'll teach her not to give me candy, I'll make a pie!".

  • At Thursday, November 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    we had trick or treat on SATURDAY!!! in Vevay, In. Yankee culture is so weird.
    i had three peeps and one of them was Joey's girlfriend and her daughter, Maddie. Maddie was hyped up on candy so i, being a good hostess, gave the 5 yr old a cup of red hawaiian punch and all the nerds candy she wanted then sent her home with her mama!!!


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