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Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Here are Fuzzy and Spidey traveling around the outlet mall.


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Erica and Fuzzy have a car for a few months. Here is a picture of Erica with the chipmunk she picked up on the side of the road. Of course, he doesn't pay attention to anything she says so she has to yell his name a lot.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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That sign pretty much sums up our feelings. It's a good thing that Katie is nice!!!!!

Christopher on the trampoline

Christopher and Erica on the trampoline

Christopher and Erica on the trampoline
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Too bad we didn't have this while they were growing up! But better late than never!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We are all smiles today because David got through the treatment with NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM!!! Pam, the nurse, gave him a drip of Benadryl first, then an anti-nausea drip, then she gave him a couple of Tylenol tablets, then the Erbitux. Well, he went sound asleep, which was good, and Pam kept coming in and checking on him and after a few hours, she said that the danger had passed and he was going to be through faster than originally thought! We were thrilled, needless to say!!!! His Uncle Cecil came up to visit him, which was very nice, and Erica and Fuzzy brought us in breakfast and lunch, so that was great, as well! When we left the clinic, David felt like walking down the road, enjoying the weather and the fresh air, and then we went to a couple of stores and he had more energy than me!!!!! Or is it "than I"? Oh, who cares??!?! We do expect him to be kind of wiped out for a couple of days but we certainly can deal with that!!!
So, thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts!! Someone listened!!!!!
Now, tonight, I plan to sleep the sleep of angels!!!!

Treatment Day

Well, in a few minutes we will be off to Jackson for this new eight hour treatment. Thank God, Erica and Fuzzy are still in town!! Hopefully, this evening I can report that everything went just swimmingly!!
Think good thoughts!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Reid family portrait

Reid family portrait, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Here is the Reid family Thanksgiving photo, courtesy of Fuzzy!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, after Thanksgiving

Well, we survived Thanksgiving. The fridge is still full of leftovers, but I am kind of sick of them. The dogs may get very lucky when it comes to treats in the next couple of days!! Or I could make a really strange soup/stew with them...nah, dog treats sound a lot better!!
Christopher and Katie left this morning. I hated to see them go, but in about three and a half weeks from now, we will be at their house in Columbia for the drive to Cape May for Christmas!! Unbelievable that it is coming up that fast!!!
Erica and Fuzzy are still here for a few days. David has that first big, eight hour treatment in Jackson on Tuesday, so thank God I won't have to be there alone to take care of everything. I admit it, I am so overwhelmed at times that I need someone to do my thinking for me!! And this treatment is dangerous - they won't do the first treatment unless there is someone with the patient at all times AND you have to be near an emergency room!! Needless to say, I am quite nervous. The odds are very small that anything serious will happen, but that chance is there. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated on Tuesday!!
Today is the open house downtown and the weather is gorgeous! The coffee shop will be open, too, so that will be perfect! Everyone else is still asleep now though, and to quote Garfield, I'm bored bored bored...... I could go sit out on the deck, but that is kind of boring, too, at the moment.
The sweet kitty here is Alley. She loves curling up in front of the fireplace. Right now she is sleeping on top of the computer monitor, warm and snug as she can be. Looks can be quite deceiving in kitties, though, because she tried to destroy some knit sleeves of Erica's a couple of days ago. But cats don't care - they destroy, then sleep the sleep of angels, not a care in the world!!! I love 'em.
That's it for now. Hopefully, some pictures of the family will be on here soon, and I will share.
Have a great afternoon!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Is everybody shopping???? Everybody here should go to a gym, we ate so much food!! I don't know why I was worried that we wouldn't have enough, there was too much!! And I hate to say it, but the scale has inched on back up a couple of pounds. I really really need to nip it, nip it in the bud, or I will not be able to wear my clothes for our Christmas in Cape May! And that is certainly not something I need to subject the nice folks in Cape May with, that's for sure!
It was a lot of fun watching all of the grown kids jumping on the trampoline yesterday. The weather was perfect, as it is today, and to hear the laughter and jumping was a welcome sound around here. Of course, the aftershocks of the day still linger in the kitchen this morning - dishes are piled up everywhere and you couldn't get a small butterfly in the fridge this morning, if you needed to refrigerate a butterfly, that is. I just ate two deviled eggs for breakfast with my coffee!!!! Although, I REALLY want a piece of cake instead. Really.
So, everyone have a great day. BE CAREFUL in all of your travels!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Just hang out on the couch this afternoon, digesting your big ol' bird and dressing dinner!!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

Well, tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, my chickens are kind of thawed, I took the cornbread muffins out of the freezer for them to thaw, Christopher and Katie have been here since about 6 p.m., Erica and Fuzzy were somewhere in Missouri around that time, so they will be here pretty late. I am very very tired, so I probably won't wait up for them.
It has been a pretty stressful day - David went for the eight hour chemo treatment at 8:30, I did all of my animal duties so I could take him some breakfast at about 9:30, then Norma would come sit with him so I could go get him lunch, blah, blah, blah. Well, he gets there and Pam, the nurse, told him that she didn't have enough of the drug to give him, PLUS she said that he needed to be near an emergency room during this initial treatment. I called to make sure everything was all right as she was telling him this, and I am sorry to say, I just lost it. Poor Pam had to hear me sobbing and everything. On oncology nurse has to be one of the strongest kind of nurse ever, dealing with such stuff. Anyway, he will be going to Jackson on Tuesday at 8:30 to have the treatment in the clinic which adjoins the hospital and someone has to be with him all of the time, with a button to push in case something happens. Luckily, Erica and Fuzzy will still be here so she said they would take us over there, which means that they can either bring in food, or she and I could go and get something while Fuzzy sits with David. Boy, he signed up for a lot on July 29 marrying into this family, didn't he? I think he doesn't mind, though. So, I am absolutely mentally and physically drained from all of that this morning. I am relieved that David will be feeling well for the weekend, but am terrified about Tuesday. I just do not feel good, my lips hurt, for goodness sakes!!! I feel that I have aged ten years in the last 30 months!! So, I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel up to hosting T'giving dinner here at our house! I am just not going to worry about whether or not everything is perfect, although I do hope that Norman Rockwell would think our dinner would be worth painting!!
But I do hope that everyone who reads this will have a wonderful day with loved ones. The weather should be perfect here, not too cold, not too warm, so that will make sitting on the deck an absolute must in the afternoon, sipping a cup of coffee or tea! And everyone, don't spend too much money on Friday!!!
Have a great one!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blue is home!

Well, all, Blue came home from the hospital, an altered young cat. He is so lovey dovey, but we put him in a kennel cage just in case he is still a little groggy from his procedure. He will be venturing outside again tomorrow, sporting a new collar and rabies tag. Now, if we could just catch "the scutter", there would be no more kitten factory here!!! But she is a wily creature, and she knows that no matter how good that canned cat food would taste, if she goes in the cage, she is trapped! I have to admire her survival skills!!!!
Have a good afternoon. Mom and I are both getting our hair cut and I am running to the grocery store for the sumptuous feast on Thursday. Lawsey, how can Thanksgiving be day after tomorrow????

My new nativity scene

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I mean, baby Jesus is a yellow tabby cat!!!! How cute is that??? David's sister, Susan, sent this to us yesterday and I had to make room for it on the mantle. It just may be one of those things that I leave up all year round!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


This is a picture of Blue, a beautiful, absolute sweetheart of a cat, who showed up here a year ago, but then left again for several months. He has been around now for about six months, hanging out, eating, sleeping here. He has adopted us, I guess. He needs to be "fixed" to keep him from straying, so that will probably be done within the next couple of weeks. This picture shows how beautiful he is. We do love him dearly.
Okay, this is an update. Blue is now at the vet's office to become a "new man", so to speak. Everybody loved him and can't understand why no one is looking for him. Well, after today, he is officially mine, now!!
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Feet

Okay, everyone. You have to go see this movie. I just about melted with the "cute" overdose, and just had to put my hand over my mouth during the first thirty minutes, it was just so CUTE!!! The music is perfect in it, and boy that penguin knows how to dance!! There is the social awareness part of the movie that kids won't get nor would they care about, but mostly, it is just, for the lack of a better word, CUTE!!!! Robin Williams has several characters and it really is funny when one of them is talking. AND, before the movie, there is a preview to the new Harry Potter movie, that absolutely is breathtaking. Coming soon to a theater in July 2007!!!
And another thing, after we left the theater, we went to eat something at Cracker Barrel. Why do they have this big-ass fireplace if they don't ever have a fire in it? It is freakin' cold today!! Several people walked up to it and were disappointed that it wasn't "on". I asked if they could light it and they tried, rather half heartedly, and then all you could smell was the gas fumes coming from it!! The woman sitting next to us said that she was going to have a fire when she got home, since C.B. didn't have one going. In Mississippi, you really have only a few days that a fire that size would be comfortable, so they should take advantage of it while they can!! But, it is Vicksburg, so why am I not surprised?
All right. That is it for now. The roofers should be here tomorrow, so that will be good to get that over and done with. We shouldn't have to get a new roof for another 50 years now!! What a relief!!!! Oh, and that creature posted above, he's not in Happy Feet!!! That was just the closest thing to a penguin I could find!!!! A "pencat" or "catquin", take your pick.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Insomnia strikes again!!!

Yes, it is after midnight, and I am so tired, but can I sleep? NO I CANNOT!!! And I feel like clawing my skin off, I am itching so badly!!! What is up with that?
We didn't go to the movie today, as planned. We ended up running a couple of errands and then going to the coffee shop, where we had a nice afternoon visiting with someone we knew. Daniel showed me his new little oven and he hopes to soon be making little pizzas, cupcakes, all kinds of goodies like that. And the bookstore next door is coming along wonderfully. They even have the sign up - Loralei Books. I cannot wait until it is open (they are shooting for the day after Thanksgiving). Anything to keep people downtown. Even the mayor was in there this afternoon, not that that was any big thing, but if he spreads the word, that can't be a bad thing for the coffee shop!
Well, I am going to try to go to sleep. Take care. OH, and isn't that the cutest little dog butt you have ever seen???? I wish I could be that comfy!!!!


Have a good day, everyone!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Look at this beautiful picture that Christopher and Katie took a couple of weeks ago at the Atlanta aquarium. I just think it is beautiful!!!

He may have to!

Okay, 'tis the season. This week in Jackson, thieves stole several thousand dollars worth of furs from an upscale store IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, thieves stole all of the food from the Community Stewpot, a source of the only Thanksgiving dinner for far too many people who may now have to go without, another fur robbery at another high end store, and the oddest crime of all - twelve African-American transvestites ran through Northpark Mall Tuesday night spraying mace and setting off tear gas, sending dozens, including several small children, to the hospital. They were all arrested and are still in jail. I hope that they had to trade their dresses for orange jumpsuits!!!!! ANYWAY, WHAT IS UP WITH ALL OF THIS????? It is so unfortunate that there has to be this element in society, to endanger lives and ruin the holiday spirit for so many. So, I thought that this billboard said it all.

Friday, November 17

Good morning. It is a lovely day out today. I hope the weather is this good next Friday when all of my kids will be here. We plan to spend a lot of the day at the coffee shop, so if it rains, it really won't matter. Plus, the roofing shingles arrived yesterday so hopefully, by this time next week, the roof will be done. It can then rain all it wants to because my roof won't leak!!
I hope that this weekend we will get to see the new movie HAPPY FEET! Dancing penguins!! It just doesn't get any better than that.
Well, that is all I have to say right now. Everyone have a great Friday!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's cold today!!

Well, the wind finally died down, the temperature is pretty chilly, a perfect November day, IF you have a coat and some heat!!!! Of course, it may be 80 degrees for Thanksgiving!! You just never know here in Mississippi. I know that there is an email that has been circulating around for the last few years about how you know you are in Mississippi because you can have the air conditioning on in the morning, and the heat has to be turned on in the evening. YESTERDAY!!! That is what we had to do!!! I was freezing until David reminded me that I still had the ac on, WITH A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE!!! But the wind gusts (some were 40mph!) kept blowing back in the fireplace and it smelled terrible, so David scooped up the ashes and put them out on the deck!! It really helped. I need to get some of those scented pinecones or something to throw in there.
Well, I am back in my "research" mode. I ordered something in the middle of the night that I feel will be very beneficial to David. The problem is, it is very expensive, but you know, I have a good feeling about it, so out came the credit card!! I really was impressed by all of the research done on it and I do believe that in a few years, it will be a mainstream cancer treatment. We just have to get the jump on it!! Hopefully, it will be here quickly.
Well, I started the last two paragraphs with the word "well", and "well" is the word that we want to hear from the oncologist, so I gladly use it to start this paragraph. And to end it!!! WELL............have a great day!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is how I hope to sleep tonight!! The wind is blowing ferociously, it is getting cold, and I want to just sack out!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Okay, it wasn't the news we wanted. It seems that there are more "things" in both David's liver and lungs, and the ones that were there are bigger. SO, on to the next step. He will be adding yet another targeted therapy to the one he is on now, but instead of being twice a month, this will be once a week. So be it. Whatever it takes to stop the progression is what we will do. The doctor was amazed at how well David looks, though, and told us to keep on doing what we have been doing because it is obviously working. We have to now work out his treatment schedule, a problem with the holidays looming before us, but hopefully, we will be in the swing of it within a couple of weeks. The next scan is February 8. Happy birthday to me week.
So, keep on keeping him in your prayers. We have no doubt that that has also been a huge factor in his good health!

Email addresses

Okay, the dorks at AOL have wiped out my email addresses. I remember some of them, but I need everyone to send me your addresses through comments on this blog. I would really appreciate it!
This picture pretty much tells what I would like to do to the person at AOL who did this!

I am a horrible wife.

I am sick. Therefore, I couldn't go to Jackson to get the results of the scan with David. He did remind me that we were supposed to get the results on Thursday, but the doctor was out of town, so I am blaming Dr. Graham for me not being there!!! Anyway, he is going to call me and then fax the report to me. I am praying for a good report, of course, but I would certainly take "no change", too. Ah, the stress.
So, Bootsie and I are going to be in the bed for a lot of the day. I won't be as cute sticking my head out of the covers, but hopefully resting all day will get me over this gunk pretty fast.
Think good thoughts.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I am cold.

Apparently, I am coming down with some dreaded mahocus and I am freezing!!! I guess I need a fur coat like this fella!!

For Christopher

Just a little cartoon to cheer you up!!!!


Okay, folks, if you are living anywhere near where Transiberian Orchestra will be performing, do me a favor and ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! They were in Jackson last night and it was a fabulous concert. It was certainly something that David and I needed!! We sat on the fifth row, which was good in a way, and not so good, in a way. First off, when people stand up, you have to stand up, too, just to be able to see the stage. Good thing was, the performers would run over and you could see them up close and personal!! That Al is such a cutie!!!! Bad thing, the smoke and chemicals from the pyrotechnic show got me to sneezing, which has continued on to today. That sucks. Good thing, you can see all of the contraptions moving to make all of this smoke, laser beams, and fire work. Bad thing, we had a couple of people in front of us who were very loud, very disruptive, very very annoying. And these were grown women, probably in their fifties (if they were younger, then they need to go to Walmart and get some Olay Regenerist, STAT!). The one with the spiky bleached out hair, well, I thought some very uncharitable, un-Christian things about her! She just put out a vibe of "groupie", if you know what I mean!!! But, other than those women, the concert was fantastic, a kick off to the Christmas season, then just a good, all around rock show! When it was over, I told Linda (my sister) that I would be ready right then and there to buy tickets for next year!! She stayed to talk with the band, as she does every year, and told them that, and asked if and when they were putting out a live DVD. They said that they were thinking about it, but if they did, nobody would come to their shows!! NOT TRUE!!! The "liveness" is what makes it so great! So, hopefully, they will consider it in the near future. And their signature song, "Carol of the Bells", well, it just doesn't get much better than that! The performers, also, seem to really enjoy what they are doing, which translates into a better show than if someone was just going through the motions. Plus, a dollar from every ticket sold goes to a local charity. This year the check was for almost $6000 dollars, and I am pretty sure there were tickets sold yesterday that will be added. It went to a non-profit charity called Good Samaritan, which they presented to a representative last night on stage, before the show. Do you get the impression that I really loved the show???!?!?! ORDER YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!
And tomorrow we get the results from the latest scans. I told David that he had better be at the concert next year and he said he plans on it!! So, everyone, if you don't mind, send up a couple of extra prayers if you get the chance. Of course, I am extremely nervous, but know that even if they aren't that great, if just means that we have to double our efforts in getting him cured!!! I will let you know, whatever the results are, on a later post. And regardless, it will NOT ruin our holiday plans!! We are really in the Christmas spirit and plan to stay that way!!!
Well, that is it for now. Have a great day!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A cartoon for your enjoyment

Have a great Sunday!!!

Veteran's Day

Have a Happy Veteran's Day! Thank a veteran for our freedom!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

You're not gonna believe this!

I am about to tell you the tale of David's CT scan, taken yesterday at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. It will leave you shaking your head, I guarantee it!
So, the night before these ordeals, David has to drink a barium shake, not a pleasant thing to do, by any stretch of the imagination. It makes him feel pretty ooky, to be honest with you, then he can't drink or eat anything until the next morning, when he has to drink ANOTHER barium shake. His test was scheduled for 10:30, but we have to get there about thirty minutes earlier to check in and all that good stuff. So, we leave in time to get there on time, but traffic was pretty heavy and we squeaked in right before 10:30, which now will make us later getting out of there. After he checks in, he drinks ANOTHER one of the shakes, but before he is through with it, they call him in, where he has another thing (not the shake) to drink, plus they hook him up to a drip to send the dye through his body. All of the magazines in the waiting room are the same ones that were there in August, and the two that were fairly recent were in Spanish. I was bored. Bored, bored, bored. I got up and looked out the window several times (it was a gorgeous day), walked around, and then finally made a phone call. Of course, here comes David at about 11:40 saying let's get out of here and go eat. We get back onto Lakeland Drive, discussing where he wanted to eat, stopped at the bank, and his cell phone rang but he didn't get it in time. We checked the message and it was St. Dominic scheduling asking him to call them immediately. He tried but all he got was voice mail. So, we decide on Corky's Barbeque, we turn into the parking lot and park and his phone rang again, this time I answered it. It was St. Dominic saying that we had to GET BACK TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY!!!! They didn't know why, just that they had been called to catch us before David ate anything or we left town. Back out into that horrible traffic again, we get back to the hospital, go in, and the reception desk knows nothing of the phone call. Well, I am imagining that they are going to tell David to get his affairs in order RIGHT NOW or something. They go to find out and then come out and ask us BOTH to come back there (that never happens). The CT scan guy is out there and, are you ready for this, tells us HE FORGOT TO DO THE CHEST SCAN!!! HE FORGOT!!!!! By this time I am hyperventilating and shaking so badly. They sit me down and the nurse runs and gets me, are you ready for this again, A WALMART GIFT CARD FOR TWENTY DOLLARS, for our trouble!!! The guy kept apologizing, but David had to have another IV put in and we finally got to eat around 1:30!!!!! I still find it hard to believe that one of the best hospitals in the state, FORGOT TO DO THE TESTS THAT WERE ORDERED!! The guy offered to buy us lunch in the cafeteria, but David was like, NO, I want barbeque!!! We hightailed it out of there, needless to say. And the Brunswick stew and barbeque were absolutely delicious, much better than hospital food, even free hospital food!!!!
We get the results on Tuesday. Send up some prayers, keep your fingers crossed, light a candle, think good thoughts, that the results from this fiasco will be great!
Have a great day!! I plan to do just that!!! TGIF!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Various updates

Just a few little things before I go to bed:
1) My ultrasound came out okay today, but I have to have more tests done in about six months. Whew! I am greatly relieved.
2) David still has his CT scan on Thursday but we don't get the results until next Tuesday. Boo.
3) The roofing material will not be here until Thanksgiving week!! So, that will be added fun, workers crawling all over the house while I am getting ready for Turkey Day!!
4) I actually threw away some magazines and newspapers today. Jean and Christopher should be proud!!

That's it for now. I am really exhausted. Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day and I want to be raring to go!!!

Me, when I looked in the mirror this morning

Monday, November 06, 2006


Here is a picture of me holding Goober. She is such a little monkey dog.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, Jean is leaving tomorrow, headed back to Florida and her real life. It has been so wonderful to have her here this past week. It was nice to have a sounding board, and boy did she hear a lot!! It helped me tremendously, because, I'm sorry, I do need to cry sometimes and this was very cathartic. We have eaten out, shopped, cooked, just sat around watching television, just the kind of things that really are good to do with a friend!! And she organized me, y'all!!! She could make a million dollars doing what she did here, at least to people with money!!! My table is clean, we went through tons of old bills and statements, she shredded all of them, she put new hardware on my cabinets, she fixed David's work shirts, she sewed up a couple of seams in my shirts, and right now she is labeling my new storage system!!!! And she is just like the energizer bunny!!!!! Hopefully, when she comes back in February, things will still be in order, maybe even better!! I still have to do that in my bedroom, where there is a huge box of old bills and junk, and then organize my magazines and books, maybe even get rid of a lot of them!! I am inspired!!!!! It would be a lot less stressful to keep everything in order.
So, these are just a couple of pictures, Jean and I, and then David (duh!) and I.
The real world here in Vicksburg creeps back in tomorrow, too. I have my tests on Tuesday, David's have been changed so we don't know when he will have the CT scan, all that good stuff. And then the holidays are RIGHT HERE IN OUR FACES!!! Time to start wrapping, planning, getting the groceries, the essentials to make the holidays perfect!! At least the attempt to make them perfect!!!
Thanks, Jean for a fun and helpful week!! Have a safe trip!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two shots from the coffeeshop

These are just two candid shots that Jean took this afternoon at the coffeeshop. Note my leg.


This is a picture of me making muffins and a coffee cake today. See how much weight I have lost?? Seriously, this isn't my kitchen. It is the set of my new cooking show, "Hounds and Pounds".

The "Three D's" in the coffee shop

Here is a picture of David, Daniel, and David Day. So, I guess that would be "Four D's"!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another Teddie picture

Here is another picture of Teddie on her pad. She is just a precious little kitten, even though she looks pretty satanic with those glowing eyes!! For those who watch Stargate, you might expect her to meow in a very deep, altered voice (for those that don't watch Stargate, the bad guys have glowing eyes!).

Teddie Bear

This is a picture of my Teddie Bear. Jean has figured out how to put pictures on my blog so, watch out now!!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


First off, can you believe that Thanksgiving is only three weeks from tomorrow?? Good gawd Gertie!! The holidays are upon us!!!!
Yesterday, it was quite warm, with the chance of rain. By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was pretty obvious that rain was not going to drown out Halloween trick or treaters, damn it!! Jean and I ran and grabbed some burgers early, since David had gone out of town and I didn't have to worry about feeding him. Bumpers Biggie bags. Two burgers, two fries, two drinks, and two greasy apple pies.
We get back. Right on time, 5:30, the first trick or treaters arrived. Not ONE had on a costume and most were carrying Walmart bags. And most of them probably are studying driver's ed. Seriously. They all had to be in high school. I gave each of them ONE piece of candy, explaining to them that the candy needed to go to the little kids, and most laughed and understood. The next batch did have a lot of little kids, some in costume, some not. Two little boys had Christmas bags, which I thought was a great idea. So, everytime I would sit down, the doorbell would ring. I was out handing out candy when this adult with a horrible mask walked up, with a bunch of little costumed children around him. I was laughing and handing out candy and he looked in my door and asked, "Is that Ms. Mucha?" and I was like, well, yeah, and he said that she needed to come outside. I motioned for her to come out, and she was, understandably, apprehensive. The guy then said, "Ms. Mucha, I am going to take my mask off and you will know who I am!" and he did and it turned out to be a young man who graduated with Jean's son, Jason in 1992!!! They hugged and he told her that he had FIVE children!!! He is a very nice young man, he had introduced himself to me a couple of years ago when he moved into the neighborhood (I wish all of my neighbors were that nice!). So, that was cool. A couple of minutes later, the doorbell rang again and there was a line stretching to the sidewalk, but right past my porch, on their knees, were David and Rhonda Day, owners of Horseface Harry's Restaurant. I busted out laughing, while all the kids were looking at them kind of weirdly. They came in and we had a nice visit. David D. is just a hoot. We had seen them at the coffee shop a couple of days ago, well we saw David and his daughter, Elena, that is, and he just cracks us up. They left and the crowd started to dwindle, and at 7:30, right when it was to end, a car drove up and two kids got out, I "treated" them, and then we turned out the light and shut the door. All was quiet on the street after a few minutes. I looked out a few minutes later and everyone's porch light was back on, so I turned mine on and went my merry way.
SO, this morning, I decided to take down the Halloween flag and while I was up on the step ladder doing just that, I noticed that SOMEONE STOLE ONE OF MY PUMPKINS OFF OF MY BALE OF HAY!!!!!!!! THEY STOLE MY PUMPKIN!!!!! I figure that it was one of the teenagers who had ditched their car up on Drummond who came back and took it because I didn't give them much candy! And to be honest, there were more teenagers than little kids, so it could have been one of many! But I hope they made a pie with it and didn't throw it in the street or something destructive like that. I now have to replace that pumpkin because there is a dent in the hay where it has been sitting for a couple of weeks. Dang pumpkin stealers!!!
This morning, also, it was quite warm still. We went and ate lunch with Norma and while we were eating, it started to rain. We walked out after about an hour and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Then it started to rain heavily, and when I went out about an hour later, it was getting quite cold. In fact, I finally started a fire in the fireplace (silly word!) and we now have the heat on and it will be in the thirties tonight!!! No wonder everyone gets sick around here!! But Mistletoe Marketplace started tonight and we are going on Friday so the weather will be absolutely fabulously perfect for this annual event! I cannot wait!!!!
Well, it is after nine and I am still not adjusted to the time change so I am exhausted. I have to go walk Goober in the cold rain. thatwillbesomuchfun.