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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday, October 5

Well, one hundred years ago today my grandmother was born!!! Happy Birthday, Memaw!!! She left us two days before her 86th birthday and was buried on her birthday. She was such a character, singing her little dirty ditties to my young children!!!! I'm sure there is a party in heaven today!!!!!!!
So, how has everyone been this week? I have been busy and not able to sit down and blog, so here I am, trying to cool off from walking Goober. A cold front will be swooping in here tonight, so tomorrow should be absolutely glorious!!!
October 3 was my mother in law's 80th birthday and she is celebrating all week long, as well she should! Yesterday, I took two cats to the vet (when I cool off, I am going to get them) and then I had to go pick her up at the mechanic's, where my car was, also. I took her to the coffee shop where we sat for close to an hour, enjoying the atmosphere as always! Daniel and Angie were running around, fixing breakfast for a few customers. Norma and I, though, went and pigged out at Ameristar, so we certainly didn't want to eat anything before that. There is just so much food at that buffet and you want to try all of it, but you can barely scratch the surface! Then I took her home and went and picked up MY mother. I took her to the drugstore and then, you guessed it, we went to the coffee shop!!! We were the only ones in there at that time and she now understands why we go there when we have the time. It was good to get her away from her soap operas and her house!! So, then we got MY car from the shop, I went home, and then back out to get Norma again because HER car was now ready!! Whew!!! I said that I was a "mother trucker" yesterday!!! Sorry, couldn't resist that! But it was a very enjoyable day, despite the heat. David, during all of this, was at Philadelphia and he is on his way back there today!! And he wonders why his back hurts so much!! Riding in that van is like an antichiropractic adjustment!! It is really rough, but he had to go, so that is what Tylenol is for!!!!!
This weekend is the annual fall festival in Vicksburg. The weather should be great, very fall festivalish, and we are going to decorate more for Halloween. Maybe if E and F are home next weekend, they can take a picture and put it here so everyone can see. It is going to be pretty awesome. Seriously.
I have heard from Carolyn and she is venturing out daily in her new town. There seems to be a lot of stores near where she is living now and before long, she will know everyplace there like she does here. And no doubt there are a lot more places there to know than in Vicksburg, home of the empty buildings!
Well, that is it for now. Must go get kitty cats from the vet. They will be so sleepy for a couple of days, but they will be much better off now that they are fixed. Two more to go. That will be next week, though!
Have a great day!!!


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