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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday, October 12

Hello, everyone. I realize that it has been a few days since I have written anything on my blog. Please forgive me and know that it may possibly happen again!!!
Today is the twelfth anniversary of my father leaving this earth. It is really hard to believe that it has been that long, but in other ways it seems like it has been longer. And ironically, today an episode of Deep Space 9 that was my favorite, dealing with fathers and time/space continuem problems (I love that crap!) was being TiVoed for the suggestions, I turned on the television to see what was recording, and lo and behold, it was that episode. I had checked every one of the episodes that had been recorded to make sure it wasn't that one before I would delete them, so this was odd that I actually turned it on while it was airing. And it was very good and I felt that it was so appropriate that it would be on today. I know that my father is okay - I had a dream, although it was more real than a dream, a couple of years after his death, and he told me that he and his friend, Mac, were going fishing. I figure that is what they are doing today!!
Today has turned chilly. It is absolutely perfect weather for this time of year. Not like Chicago, where I got a first hand weather report, complete with curse words, this morning. It seems that snow is falling from the sky, in great amounts!! Ah, stay warm, little Chicagoans!!
Tonight we are going to the coffee shop for the Thursday night music program. Kenny, Daniel's brother, will be performing numbers from 1972, and there were LOTS of good songs from that year. Daniel will probably be playing drums, during this performance, instead of making coffee and smoothies!! I am tired. It is a good tv night (Earl, Office, CSI, and ER), but that is what the aforementioned TiVo is for!! But I think it will do us good to get out and go hear Kenny and Daniel. So we are.
So, did anybody catch the premier of 30 Rock? It was okay, but it needs to get better. First episodes have to establish characters and all of that so it should improve. Now Twenty Good Years was okay, but I despise laugh tracks. I know when to laugh! Don't think that hearing a "guffaw" is going to make ME guffaw, if the material sucks!!!! Another show that I think everyone should be watching is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, another show about late night television. It is not quite a comedy, but there are some very funny things in it. I am a big fan of Matthew Perry (last week's episode had a character asking M.P. if he could BE any more Jewish. Funny. And for those who don't know, that is how M.P.'s character on Friends talked.) But I am totally taken with Bradley Whitford now, too. I did not watch The West Wing so I wasn't aware of how absolutely adorable this guy is! So, everyone watch it! The ratings are suffering so they will probably cancel this to make way for another According to Jim or Two and a Half Men, two shows that I do NOT watch!!! Okay,enough about television, which seems to be a big part of this blog today!!
Well, it is 6 o'clock and we need to get ready to go the coffee shop. Everyone have a great evening and Friday. Our family reunion is this weekend, and we also want to try to go to the fair. The weather should be great! I'm sorry that my offspring and their spouses won't be here, but they will all be here in a little over a month for Thanksgiving. That'll be here before we know it!


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