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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday morning, October 19

Good morning. It is pouring rain. There is water standing on the floor in front of my fireplace. There is plaster from the ceiling in front of my fireplace. The roof situation has reached a critical juncture. The guy we thought was going to do the roof, well he conveniently retired in August and didn't let us know. So we called another guy who has not even bothered to return our calls. So, we are going to try someone else. I do NOT need the ceiling caving in, you know? Keep your fingers crossed that we can get this taken care of, and soon!! A couple of more bad rainstorms and we will have a squished Christmas tree in the living room. Not good.
And those of you who live/lived in Vicksburg and went to Warren Central in 1993 know what this date is, too. Wow, I just teared up writing that. Special thoughts for J.B. today, he was a wonderful young man who is still missed.
I got a live trap to try to catch "the scutter", the mama cat who has six and seven kittens at once. I have a voucher for getting her fixed for cheap and it needs to be done now. So, I set the trap, put it on the deck under the roofed part, but I looked out there this morning and she is sleeping in a chair ABOVE the trap!! Luckily, the Paws Rescue that loaned it to me said I could keep it over the weekend. They know that it sometimes takes several nights to catch a feral cat. I cannot believe that she ignored an entire can of cat food in the trap, but then again, she is smart - that is how she avoided the whole, take all the cats to the farm in the country trip, a year ago!! So, wish me luck on this!! I love kittens but I do not need anymore, no matter how cute and fuzzy they are!!!
Next weekend, Jean will be here, and I am so excited about that! She is coming in to visit, help me get organized, just to be here, and it is going to be so much fun! I do get tired of having to deal with everything by myself. Yeah, David is here, but I pretty much run the house, the animals, the bills (which are killing me!!), making sure he doesn't run out of supplements, yada yada yada, blah, blah, blah, and I am tired!! So, it will be nice to have someone here who, for just a few days, can tell me what to do!!!! I have stacks and stacks of old statements that need to be shredded, but when I think about doing it, I just shove them back into a cardboard box, it is honestly, too mentally taxing! Jean can swoop in here and get me motivated to do stuff like that. Hopefully, she will have a room to sleep in, because it is above where the ceiling is falling in! Lord. I have been extremely stressed out this week, which is taking its toll on me physically. It will be so nice to have a guest in the house who can take me out of the mundane!
Everyone have a nice day today. David has to go to Philadelphia and I had thought about going with him, but I need to stay here in case someone calls about the roof. I hope the rain is gone by this evening, because Hit the Bricks is going on downtown, plus there is a pianist at the coffee shop. But also, The Office, CSI, Earl, and ER are on tonight, not necessarily in that order (unless I choose to watch them that way! Thanks E and F for TiVo!!!). It just depends on what is happening by late afternoon. Hopefully, the sun will be coming out, the roof man will have called, the scutter will be in the trap, and I will have won a million dollars!! I can dream, can't I??? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel!
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