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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday, October 22

Okay, y'all, did I not get the memo on building an ark? What is with all of this rain we have been having? I know we needed it, but over 6 inches in one day? And then another couple of inches in a few hours? And then more rain last night? COME ON!!! The ceiling has another bulge in it from the leaking roof, and it was raining in the fireplace again!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that we don't hear a crash and find the ceiling caved in! I wish I could just say "poof, we have a new roof", and it would happen. I mean, I can say it all day long, but apparently, I do not have that kind of power! So come on down, roofers!
But, that being said, today is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is very overcast, very windy, very chilly, and it is just absolutely perfect, in my opinion!! I just walked Goob for about thirty minutes and it was so lovely. I did break a sweat, but that wind will cut right through you, especially if you have short hair and exposed ears!! There is an elderly couple that live up at the top of one of the streets I walk on - they have a terraced yard since their house is built up on a hill, they have multi colored metal 1950's style lawn chairs lined up on one of the levels, and they have the most beautiful windchimes I have ever heard! We heard them the other night but this morning, since the wind is continual, I just stood and listened to them for a few minutes. They were so melodic and soothing. I want to get some for here, David loved hearing them the other night and it would be great to have some in our yard. Hopefully, no neighbor would complain, but who knows? You know the old saying that someone would find fault with Jesus? These people would!! What would even make it better is if the windchimes had cats and dogs on it!!!! And movie quotes!!!! Yeah, that would do it!!! No, seriously, I am going to look for these chimes.
We have to go to Walmart today. Norma is without her car so she needs a prescription picked up, plus a few groceries. Hopefully, her car will be ready tomorrow. She feels stranded, and Tiger Woods isn't on television twenty four hours a day!!! I truly hate going to Walmart, for any reason. So, that will be fun. yeah, fun.....
Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone's Sunday is a lazy Sunday, with cupcakes and Mr. Pibb. MMMMM, Mr. Pibb is the knockoff Dr. Pepper. MAN, I could go for that.


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