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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pigfest 2006

Pigfest. Yep, Pigfest. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, a glorious day to be outside and enjoy nature, good music, friends, and pork! We arrived in Tallibena, LA around 2 p.m., parked the car, and immediately there was a guy with long hair and a beard, wearing a tie dyed tee shirt, offering us a ride on a John Deere "Gator". We said, GREAT, so David got in front and Jean and I hopped onto the back, laughing about how it was kind of like a hay ride, without the hay. We go through the gates, where we had to produce our invitation, which they kept, and then we got wristbands put on so we could come and go. We immediately found a bale of hay to sit on and there were tables and tables of food, so we piled up too much food on a plate. Good eating all around. We were near the stage and a band kind of ambled on up there and after tuning up and laughing and talking, they started playing. Pretty good sound. There were lots of "old hippies", lots of younger "old hippies", tons of little kids running around (one little girl kept walking the plank next to Jean and would just stand there, waiting for Jean to move. Jean didn't.). David saw some people he knew, brought them over to me, we talked, Jean and I talked, Jean, David, and I talked, Tara Johnston came over, we talked, you get the idea. Lots of talkin' going on. As the sun was starting to go down, it started getting chillier, but it was even prettier because they had strung Christmas lights throughout the trees. Then, they announced that supper was ready and a couple of hundred people got in line! We had eaten late so we didn't get in line at the moment. The music was cranking up by then, louder, better, and you could tell the drinking had started in earnest because the crowd started getting a bit rowdier. But not us. We were still on our bale of hay. So after being there for a few hours, well, there's more to nature than trees, so Jean and I went looking for the facility. Now, there were quite a few tents set up and this thing actually started on Friday, and there were the portapotties, blue for boys, pink for girls. Oh my dear Lord, Jean and I looked at each other and backed away. By that time, we were ready to leave, but David was having a good time. In fact, the guy who owned the property came over and told us that he was glad that we hadn't made David leave yet. Jean and I, again, just looked at each other. Around 9, the "premiere" band still hadn't started, the other band was still going strong, but we finally convinced David that it was time to leave Pigfest. So, one of the guys who had invited us, offered to take us back to our car, in what we thought was the same Gator we had been brought in on. So, David got in the front, Jean and I jumped in the back, but this WASN'T the same one we had ridden in on. Oh no, this was one that had hooks to tie things down on! So, besides really needing to get to modern conveniences, we bruised our behinds on the way out!!!!! But they are really cute little vehicles. I would enjoy having one, WITHOUT the hook things!! Jean wants one to carry her father around in. Wouldn't that be funny? They live in Florida - they could start a new retirement trend!!!
But we got home and agreed that Pigfest was a lot of fun and we hope to be invited next year. We just won't go as early and we won't drink any liquids!! I don't guess we could take our own portapotties, though. Oh well.
Today was a lot warmer than yesterday, PLUS we got an extra hour of sleep! We ate at Waffle House, mmmmm, and then we drove Jean around to show her some new things, then went to the store. It was so confusing that it was pitch black dark at 5:30, though, and my body is really really tired. But this has been a good weekend.
Jean is going to help me organize things this week. Which I need. Right, Christopher?
She is going to help me go through clothes I never wear, things that I have must put in a box and closed up in a room, that kind of stuff. In the last couple of years, that kind of stuff has not been a priority. I would probably leave everything alone, so this will be very good for me. And it will give me a sense of accomplishment, too.
David will be out of town on Halloween. I am so glad that we weren't going to a party or something because his boss never even thought about Halloween until David mentioned it. So, I am very glad that Jean will be here. And I will have all of my cats inside early to keep them safe. Hopefully, we will have polite trick or treaters. And I hope they all are gone pretty early, too!! The ones that have cars and can drive usually start showing up later. Seriously. One guy had a mustache. I chastised him and asked where he had parked. I gave him ONE piece of candy, since he could just drive to Walmart the next day and buy bags of it for half price!!!!!
Well, that is it for now. I really am tired. I am typing out of control!!!
Have a happy Halloween Eve!!!


  • At Saturday, June 04, 2011, Anonymous Anna said…

    Hey, that guy with long beard and hair may have either been my Uncle Russ or my Uncle Bunny!!! My grandmother and grandfather live in and own the 100-year old farmhouse and land Pigfest takes place on. If you're coming back next year, ask for Anna Foster, thats me! I'll show you the way, there were other, cleaner bathrooms. I never use the porta potties, theres a womens outhouse near those big white tents thats very clean, and farther near the treeline on the same latitude is a mens outhouse. trust me, its loads cleaner. Hope you return, and next time, buy a tshirt! theyre very pretty and its what keeps this party happening every year!


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