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Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22 night

Here is a little addendum to today's post. First off, me saying "come on down, roofers", sounds a lot like, "come on down, ROOF",and I want to be sure that everyone knows that I was doing my best Bob Barker impression, not tempting fate!!
And, the weather turned off so sunny and beautiful. The leaves are really starting to turn different colors, and against that brilliant blue sky, it was simply breathtaking! I am sure hoping that this is the weather we have for a couple of weeks, but I do think more rain is in the forecast.
We did go to Walmart, spent too much money (which always happen when you just step through those doors!!), and then stopped by Wendy's to get burgers for us and Norma. I ordered a lemonade, and they gave me DR. PEPPER!! Now if you read my earlier post of today, you will notice that I mention D.P. there, too, because I am so addicted to it, if I take a sip of it, I will work out a way to get one every day! So, when David took a sip to see what it was (brown fizzy cola, coulda been a bunch of things, just not lemonade!) he looked at me and said that I didn't need to even smell it. We turned around, I went back in, and got my lemonade. I am very proud that I resisted the temptation to take a taste, but oh, I wanted to.
I had an enjoyable visit with Norma while David had a service call to make. While I was there, Kyle called with news that Melissa had been having contractions all night long, but that they had slowed down so they were going out to eat!!! So, I am pretty sure that by this time tomorrow, we will have a new niece or nephew. Since we have Lace and Rowdy, I can't help but wonder what this new one will be named? We'll find out soon enough!
We are going to try to put our Halloween decoration on this blog. But there may be a glitch in our holiday decor - the roofers will probably have to move the decorations to get on the roof!! That'd be just about right, we have to take them down right before Halloween!!!! Maybe not, though.
Well, I am tired and am going to bed soon. Last night, David had the Talking Heads movie, Stop Making Sense playing after 9:30. I was like, it is too late, I am so tired I HAVE to go to bed. So, after the movie was over, we went to bed VERY VERY LATE. It has hampered me all day long. And, for the record, pun intended, I highly recommend viewing of this movie. Great music, and Take Me to the River really makes us think of the rock and roll cruises that Daniel's band had many many years ago. They would play it as the boat left the shore, and as it was heading back in. Good times, good times......


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