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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Insomnia strikes again!

Good evening, all. It is about 11:45 pm and as tired as I was when I went to bed over an hour ago, I couldn't go to sleep. I have really accomplished a lot today, washed clothes, cleaned off a counter, fixed supper, walked Goober, chased cats, and decorated for Halloween! I do wish that I could put in this blog how awesome our Halloween decorations are! One of them is an old "lover" of mine, Lurch. For those who have been to Erica's, you know what I mean! Maybe we can figure out how to get a picture of it on here. The decorations, NOT the picture of me and Lurch!!!!!!
I went to see Buster yesterday. Buster is my dog that I gave to this nice young couple. As much as I love him, he really needed more attention that I was able to give him, and they really wanted him. That was in April 2005. So, yesterday, we went to their house but alas they were at the state fair. But Buster recognized me and just went crazy! He is mostly a lab, with "dog" thrown in, and he is supposed to be black, but he was so dirty he had a light brown sheen on his fur. He came running towards me and just fell at my feet, then jumped up and wagged that tail so hard I thought he would break in two!! I kept kissing his head, which is something that I would always do, and it really made me miss him terribly, but I can go see him anytime I want, so now that I have broken the ice, so to speak, I will be more inclined to drop in on him. He tried to follow me out the gate but he stayed put with his "sister". It really made me feel good. He loves me, he really loves me!!!! (sorry Sally)
Jean will be dropping into town on October 27 to stay for a week. It will be so much fun. We plan to go to Pigfest, a big private party north of Tallulah, LA and then then there will be Halloween, and then Mistletoe Marketplace, a big shopping extravaganza in Jackson that is really a tradition in our family. I started going in its second year, I believe, and have only missed a couple of them, in the past 20 plus years. When the kids were young, we would go on family night and one year, Erica painted a hairbow! I don't know what Christopher did, but I am sure it was something. They have live music at times, dancers, and some really great food. So, with Jean with us, it will really be a lot of fun. Does everyone realize just how really close the holidays are? Tonight, I saw the first ad for a cd of Christmas music, timeless classics that bring joy to the spirit! I do love Christmas!! Just hearing a couple of the excerpts brought a little tear to my eyes!! Really, it did!!! I just love the whole season, the colors, the music, the traditions. I know it is stressful at times, but if we can just keep the whole "peace on earth good will toward men" vibe going all year round, this would be a much better world, wouldn't it? And throw in a couple of Frosty and Rudolph and what fun!!!!
Well, I am getting sleepy!! I wonder if my eyes will pop open and stay open if I try going to bed now. Hmmmm, I just may give it a try.
Oh, I have a pedometer that has an alarm on it. It goes off at midnight, scaring the ever-lovin' crap out of us when we are in here!! And it just went off. It is a rooster crowing with some female voice saying it is 12. Okay, it just stopped. One night I am just gonna stomp that sucker until it crows for the last time! I have pushed every button to try to reset it, but every night, it starts crowing! I ought to just throw it outside, but my luck it will wake someone up!!!
All right! That's enough for now!!!


  • At Wednesday, October 11, 2006, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    Hey! Where is your daily blog? I can't make it through a day without one! Hope all is well across the street. Love you Halloween decorations! I can see them better in the daylight hours. Love you, Cheryl


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