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Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday night, October 20

Well, the roofer came today. Hopefully he will have a quote for us early next week and we can get on with this before we have another deluge like we had twice this week. I am past caring what the roof looks like, make it striped, or diagonal alternating colors, I do not care, just do it!! Actually, that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? But you KNOW someone around here would complain! They would!
David has got some hard rock blasting as I am typing this. Oh, it's Faith No More, of course! I had recognized it, I just couldn't place it. Pretty good, everything sounds great!
We've been to the coffee shop today and then to Billy's. It is a lovely night, very very chilly, but we came on home because we are lame and didn't have anywhere else to go. I am hoping that we can do something tomorrow, the weather should be perfect and I just want to go somewhere!! Next weekend we have several events that we want to attend and Jean will be here. I envision lots of good eatin' next weekend! I need to walk Goober twice as much next week to get ready for it!
David has a big ol' fire going in the fireplace (the word "fireplace" just cracks me up, I mean, couldn't whoever thought up words have come up with something else? I guess we should be grateful we don't have to say "sleepplace", "cookplace", "get rid of your wastes place", you get the idea.)ANYWAY, I am going to the "lay on my back, prop up my feet, cuddle a kitten" place right now.


  • At Friday, October 20, 2006, Blogger baldman76 said…

    In honor of this post, I dusted off my Faith No More Greatest Hits and have it cranking as I write this comment. I haven't listened to them in a reallly long time, but whenever I hear them, I am immediately thrust into "air-guitar / lip-synch" mode. Man, do I still dig this band. Again, not what I listen to very much these days, but they'll never get purged off the list of "favorites."

    While in the hard rock / heavy metal category, another album that just popped into my head that I rarely listen to but which I have a strong attachment to is Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe. That is a freakin' good album.

    Another "love 'em but don't so much listen to them band is the Beastie Boys. You can't beat the Beasties. Love 'em.


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