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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pigfest 2006

Pigfest. Yep, Pigfest. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, a glorious day to be outside and enjoy nature, good music, friends, and pork! We arrived in Tallibena, LA around 2 p.m., parked the car, and immediately there was a guy with long hair and a beard, wearing a tie dyed tee shirt, offering us a ride on a John Deere "Gator". We said, GREAT, so David got in front and Jean and I hopped onto the back, laughing about how it was kind of like a hay ride, without the hay. We go through the gates, where we had to produce our invitation, which they kept, and then we got wristbands put on so we could come and go. We immediately found a bale of hay to sit on and there were tables and tables of food, so we piled up too much food on a plate. Good eating all around. We were near the stage and a band kind of ambled on up there and after tuning up and laughing and talking, they started playing. Pretty good sound. There were lots of "old hippies", lots of younger "old hippies", tons of little kids running around (one little girl kept walking the plank next to Jean and would just stand there, waiting for Jean to move. Jean didn't.). David saw some people he knew, brought them over to me, we talked, Jean and I talked, Jean, David, and I talked, Tara Johnston came over, we talked, you get the idea. Lots of talkin' going on. As the sun was starting to go down, it started getting chillier, but it was even prettier because they had strung Christmas lights throughout the trees. Then, they announced that supper was ready and a couple of hundred people got in line! We had eaten late so we didn't get in line at the moment. The music was cranking up by then, louder, better, and you could tell the drinking had started in earnest because the crowd started getting a bit rowdier. But not us. We were still on our bale of hay. So after being there for a few hours, well, there's more to nature than trees, so Jean and I went looking for the facility. Now, there were quite a few tents set up and this thing actually started on Friday, and there were the portapotties, blue for boys, pink for girls. Oh my dear Lord, Jean and I looked at each other and backed away. By that time, we were ready to leave, but David was having a good time. In fact, the guy who owned the property came over and told us that he was glad that we hadn't made David leave yet. Jean and I, again, just looked at each other. Around 9, the "premiere" band still hadn't started, the other band was still going strong, but we finally convinced David that it was time to leave Pigfest. So, one of the guys who had invited us, offered to take us back to our car, in what we thought was the same Gator we had been brought in on. So, David got in the front, Jean and I jumped in the back, but this WASN'T the same one we had ridden in on. Oh no, this was one that had hooks to tie things down on! So, besides really needing to get to modern conveniences, we bruised our behinds on the way out!!!!! But they are really cute little vehicles. I would enjoy having one, WITHOUT the hook things!! Jean wants one to carry her father around in. Wouldn't that be funny? They live in Florida - they could start a new retirement trend!!!
But we got home and agreed that Pigfest was a lot of fun and we hope to be invited next year. We just won't go as early and we won't drink any liquids!! I don't guess we could take our own portapotties, though. Oh well.
Today was a lot warmer than yesterday, PLUS we got an extra hour of sleep! We ate at Waffle House, mmmmm, and then we drove Jean around to show her some new things, then went to the store. It was so confusing that it was pitch black dark at 5:30, though, and my body is really really tired. But this has been a good weekend.
Jean is going to help me organize things this week. Which I need. Right, Christopher?
She is going to help me go through clothes I never wear, things that I have must put in a box and closed up in a room, that kind of stuff. In the last couple of years, that kind of stuff has not been a priority. I would probably leave everything alone, so this will be very good for me. And it will give me a sense of accomplishment, too.
David will be out of town on Halloween. I am so glad that we weren't going to a party or something because his boss never even thought about Halloween until David mentioned it. So, I am very glad that Jean will be here. And I will have all of my cats inside early to keep them safe. Hopefully, we will have polite trick or treaters. And I hope they all are gone pretty early, too!! The ones that have cars and can drive usually start showing up later. Seriously. One guy had a mustache. I chastised him and asked where he had parked. I gave him ONE piece of candy, since he could just drive to Walmart the next day and buy bags of it for half price!!!!!
Well, that is it for now. I really am tired. I am typing out of control!!!
Have a happy Halloween Eve!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday morning - PIGFEST day

Good Saturday morning, everyone. Hold on, I have to get coffee....
Good Saturday morning, everyone, I now have coffee!! Anyway, yesterday, the 3 to 5 inches of rain that had been forecast did not come to pass, luckily! It was all dark and cloudy, I went out to feed the dogs/cats and there was a sliver of blue sky. I knew then that we were in the clear, for now. Within an hour, it was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful October sky, breezy, just lovely! I am so hoping to report that next week, the roofers are here and putting on the new roof!! Last night, the "breeze" was blowing about 30mph out of the north so it was quite a challenging walk, that David and I took. The wind chimes in the neighborhood, including those that we really want to get, were almost drowned out by the sound of the wind in the trees, but we stood very still and finally heard them. We have GOT to find them. It would have been a perfect Halloween night!! Watch it rain Tuesday!
Around 10:30, a knock at the door signalled the arrival of Jean!!! She looks great!! She was so perky and we stayed up and talked until after midnight, but David and I just had to call it a night. I am sure she probably didn't have to be rocked to sleep, after that long drive, but dang, she seemed like she could have gotten in the car and kept driving!!!! I'm exhausted after going to Jackson!! We are going to Pigfest today in Lousiana (about 30 minutes away). It is apparently a very big deal, with official invitations that you HAVE TO HAVE to get in the door! A few weeks ago, we were at the coffee shop and there were these three men in there that turned out to be people David knew when he sold two-way radios in Lousiana. They told us about Pigfest (they are the originators) and sure enough, we got an invitation. We have seen one of them in Walmart within the last couple of weeks and he really wants us to come, so, armed with garlic cheese grits, we will get there mid-afternoon. This thing has been going since yesterday!! And there is live music tonight, so this promises to be a lot of fun. I will certainly let you know!!
Everyone needs to go check out They have posted the cutest pictures of Parker, Mustapha, and Latte. They have on costumes, y'all!! COSTUMES!!!!! I can't even begin to think of putting costumes on my cats!! P., M., and L., look like they have been wearing clothes their whole lives, though!! So, check it out. Cuteness.
Well, everyone have a great day. And remember these immortal words:

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
The first one said, "oh my it's getting late!
The second one said, "there are witches in the air!
The third one said, "but we don't care.
The fourth one said, "let's run and run and run!"
The fifth one said, "I'm ready for some fun!"
OOOH, went the wind and OUT went the light,
and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!!

I have sung that song to my kids every Halloween. I love it!! I had to share it with you!! I guess, if you don't know it, you will just have to guess at the tune!!!!!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

wow, it's raining again

Yep, it sure is. I guess you could say it is raining buckets, because we have to have one in the living room where the roof is leaking! And it is supposed to get worse as the day goes on!! i can't wait.....
I just walked the dog, in the rain. It really is quite lovely today, if your roof didn't leak. I made a ton of muffins yesterday, so I guess I will be munching on those all day long. I may bake something else, or either just pile up on the loveseat with the kitten and watch shows that I have TiNo'ed. Notice that word - on some website the writer said that TiNo'ed was the word for stuff you had TiVo'ed, but never have gotten around to watching. Like taping an entire season of a show, because you HAD to have it, but you'll never get around to actually viewing the show that you could not live without. I think it is a good word, so it is now in my vocabulary.
So, Jean is due in tomorrow night. I do have housework to do, but it will still be waiting for me tomorrow afternoon, and I do work best under pressure. And it is just a little after 9 a.m. Is that too early for lunch??
Later. The loveseat beckons.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome new nephew!!

Today, at noon, Lace Elliot and Rowdy David, were joined by new baby brother, Dash Christian, weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces, and 23 inches long. Mother Melissa and baby are doing fine. I'm not so sure about Kyle!! It was a home birth, so thank God there were no complications. With a name like Dash, I hope he is a runner!!
In other baby news, David's first cousin, Barry, and his wife Jennifer, were welcoming their first grandchild, a boy, to be named Mason Michael. Carolyn and John Bullard are the proud parents.
Congratulations to everyone!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Reid Halloween

October 22 night

Here is a little addendum to today's post. First off, me saying "come on down, roofers", sounds a lot like, "come on down, ROOF",and I want to be sure that everyone knows that I was doing my best Bob Barker impression, not tempting fate!!
And, the weather turned off so sunny and beautiful. The leaves are really starting to turn different colors, and against that brilliant blue sky, it was simply breathtaking! I am sure hoping that this is the weather we have for a couple of weeks, but I do think more rain is in the forecast.
We did go to Walmart, spent too much money (which always happen when you just step through those doors!!), and then stopped by Wendy's to get burgers for us and Norma. I ordered a lemonade, and they gave me DR. PEPPER!! Now if you read my earlier post of today, you will notice that I mention D.P. there, too, because I am so addicted to it, if I take a sip of it, I will work out a way to get one every day! So, when David took a sip to see what it was (brown fizzy cola, coulda been a bunch of things, just not lemonade!) he looked at me and said that I didn't need to even smell it. We turned around, I went back in, and got my lemonade. I am very proud that I resisted the temptation to take a taste, but oh, I wanted to.
I had an enjoyable visit with Norma while David had a service call to make. While I was there, Kyle called with news that Melissa had been having contractions all night long, but that they had slowed down so they were going out to eat!!! So, I am pretty sure that by this time tomorrow, we will have a new niece or nephew. Since we have Lace and Rowdy, I can't help but wonder what this new one will be named? We'll find out soon enough!
We are going to try to put our Halloween decoration on this blog. But there may be a glitch in our holiday decor - the roofers will probably have to move the decorations to get on the roof!! That'd be just about right, we have to take them down right before Halloween!!!! Maybe not, though.
Well, I am tired and am going to bed soon. Last night, David had the Talking Heads movie, Stop Making Sense playing after 9:30. I was like, it is too late, I am so tired I HAVE to go to bed. So, after the movie was over, we went to bed VERY VERY LATE. It has hampered me all day long. And, for the record, pun intended, I highly recommend viewing of this movie. Great music, and Take Me to the River really makes us think of the rock and roll cruises that Daniel's band had many many years ago. They would play it as the boat left the shore, and as it was heading back in. Good times, good times......

Sunday, October 22

Okay, y'all, did I not get the memo on building an ark? What is with all of this rain we have been having? I know we needed it, but over 6 inches in one day? And then another couple of inches in a few hours? And then more rain last night? COME ON!!! The ceiling has another bulge in it from the leaking roof, and it was raining in the fireplace again!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that we don't hear a crash and find the ceiling caved in! I wish I could just say "poof, we have a new roof", and it would happen. I mean, I can say it all day long, but apparently, I do not have that kind of power! So come on down, roofers!
But, that being said, today is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is very overcast, very windy, very chilly, and it is just absolutely perfect, in my opinion!! I just walked Goob for about thirty minutes and it was so lovely. I did break a sweat, but that wind will cut right through you, especially if you have short hair and exposed ears!! There is an elderly couple that live up at the top of one of the streets I walk on - they have a terraced yard since their house is built up on a hill, they have multi colored metal 1950's style lawn chairs lined up on one of the levels, and they have the most beautiful windchimes I have ever heard! We heard them the other night but this morning, since the wind is continual, I just stood and listened to them for a few minutes. They were so melodic and soothing. I want to get some for here, David loved hearing them the other night and it would be great to have some in our yard. Hopefully, no neighbor would complain, but who knows? You know the old saying that someone would find fault with Jesus? These people would!! What would even make it better is if the windchimes had cats and dogs on it!!!! And movie quotes!!!! Yeah, that would do it!!! No, seriously, I am going to look for these chimes.
We have to go to Walmart today. Norma is without her car so she needs a prescription picked up, plus a few groceries. Hopefully, her car will be ready tomorrow. She feels stranded, and Tiger Woods isn't on television twenty four hours a day!!! I truly hate going to Walmart, for any reason. So, that will be fun. yeah, fun.....
Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone's Sunday is a lazy Sunday, with cupcakes and Mr. Pibb. MMMMM, Mr. Pibb is the knockoff Dr. Pepper. MAN, I could go for that.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday night, October 20

Well, the roofer came today. Hopefully he will have a quote for us early next week and we can get on with this before we have another deluge like we had twice this week. I am past caring what the roof looks like, make it striped, or diagonal alternating colors, I do not care, just do it!! Actually, that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? But you KNOW someone around here would complain! They would!
David has got some hard rock blasting as I am typing this. Oh, it's Faith No More, of course! I had recognized it, I just couldn't place it. Pretty good, everything sounds great!
We've been to the coffee shop today and then to Billy's. It is a lovely night, very very chilly, but we came on home because we are lame and didn't have anywhere else to go. I am hoping that we can do something tomorrow, the weather should be perfect and I just want to go somewhere!! Next weekend we have several events that we want to attend and Jean will be here. I envision lots of good eatin' next weekend! I need to walk Goober twice as much next week to get ready for it!
David has a big ol' fire going in the fireplace (the word "fireplace" just cracks me up, I mean, couldn't whoever thought up words have come up with something else? I guess we should be grateful we don't have to say "sleepplace", "cookplace", "get rid of your wastes place", you get the idea.)ANYWAY, I am going to the "lay on my back, prop up my feet, cuddle a kitten" place right now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Update on Thursday

Okay, we have a roof man coming tomorrow to look around, give us a quote, see what kind of damage has been done in the attic. David will be here when he comes, thank goodness. So, now we need to get this rain to stop!! But according to the weather reports, this has set in for several more hours. Hopefully, it won't be as hard as it has been and things won't get any worse. Man, I wish I had a Dr. Pepper!!!

Thursday morning, October 19

Good morning. It is pouring rain. There is water standing on the floor in front of my fireplace. There is plaster from the ceiling in front of my fireplace. The roof situation has reached a critical juncture. The guy we thought was going to do the roof, well he conveniently retired in August and didn't let us know. So we called another guy who has not even bothered to return our calls. So, we are going to try someone else. I do NOT need the ceiling caving in, you know? Keep your fingers crossed that we can get this taken care of, and soon!! A couple of more bad rainstorms and we will have a squished Christmas tree in the living room. Not good.
And those of you who live/lived in Vicksburg and went to Warren Central in 1993 know what this date is, too. Wow, I just teared up writing that. Special thoughts for J.B. today, he was a wonderful young man who is still missed.
I got a live trap to try to catch "the scutter", the mama cat who has six and seven kittens at once. I have a voucher for getting her fixed for cheap and it needs to be done now. So, I set the trap, put it on the deck under the roofed part, but I looked out there this morning and she is sleeping in a chair ABOVE the trap!! Luckily, the Paws Rescue that loaned it to me said I could keep it over the weekend. They know that it sometimes takes several nights to catch a feral cat. I cannot believe that she ignored an entire can of cat food in the trap, but then again, she is smart - that is how she avoided the whole, take all the cats to the farm in the country trip, a year ago!! So, wish me luck on this!! I love kittens but I do not need anymore, no matter how cute and fuzzy they are!!!
Next weekend, Jean will be here, and I am so excited about that! She is coming in to visit, help me get organized, just to be here, and it is going to be so much fun! I do get tired of having to deal with everything by myself. Yeah, David is here, but I pretty much run the house, the animals, the bills (which are killing me!!), making sure he doesn't run out of supplements, yada yada yada, blah, blah, blah, and I am tired!! So, it will be nice to have someone here who, for just a few days, can tell me what to do!!!! I have stacks and stacks of old statements that need to be shredded, but when I think about doing it, I just shove them back into a cardboard box, it is honestly, too mentally taxing! Jean can swoop in here and get me motivated to do stuff like that. Hopefully, she will have a room to sleep in, because it is above where the ceiling is falling in! Lord. I have been extremely stressed out this week, which is taking its toll on me physically. It will be so nice to have a guest in the house who can take me out of the mundane!
Everyone have a nice day today. David has to go to Philadelphia and I had thought about going with him, but I need to stay here in case someone calls about the roof. I hope the rain is gone by this evening, because Hit the Bricks is going on downtown, plus there is a pianist at the coffee shop. But also, The Office, CSI, Earl, and ER are on tonight, not necessarily in that order (unless I choose to watch them that way! Thanks E and F for TiVo!!!). It just depends on what is happening by late afternoon. Hopefully, the sun will be coming out, the roof man will have called, the scutter will be in the trap, and I will have won a million dollars!! I can dream, can't I??? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel!
Take care,

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday evening, October 16

Just a few observations from today:
We really needed rain, but NOT ALL AT ONCE!! It will not stop. My laundry room has water standing in it. On top of that, it has gotten hot again, so hot rain in October. Go away. Don't come back for a while. Great, now it is thundering.
David is wonderful. He went with me to my appointment this afternoon and then took the rest of the day off and we just sat in the coffee shop for a couple of hours. Very very nice. Then, because all of the dirty dishes were still in the sink from yesterday, he cleaned all of them up and is running the dishwasher. AND he is continuing to work on a kitchen project that will improve my quality of life. He is the best.
I hate River Region. I mean, come on, I got ANOTHER bill today for tests I had done the first week in August. That is the problem with them, they just nickel and dime you to death because they dribble out their charges whenever they feel like it.
AND my insurance company is pissing me off, too. I mean, we have a $750 out of pocket after you meet the deductible. Hellooo? I have gone over it. Pay the damn claim! Linda, I will be needing to talk to you about this today, so get ready.
I had a nice lunch with Gwen today. David joined us at the Purple Ladder. She has a birthday in a few days, but is leaving town tomorrow for two weeks to go to her future home in Tennessee. I really would like to go with her to participate in the Maize Maze. A corn field, flashlights, hot chocolate, wagon rides, sounds like fun.
Susan and Jamie got home okay after the reunion. It will be a while before we see her again. Thank God for email and telephones!
Well, we have come to the end of our blog cast day. My dogs are probably soaking wet and watching wistfully through the rain for us to come out and get them and bring them in. Big muddy dogs in the rain, yeah, I can't wait to go out and get them. But you know I will.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Family Reunion Time!

Unbelievably, this year's family reunion has come and gone. It was a blustery day, but that didn't stop the frisbee golf game that is an annual event at the reunion. And of course, Kyle won, with Dusty one stroke behind him. One day, someone will take him down, but until then, he remains the champ! And he has a new baby due any second. Looking at Melissa, I cannot imagine how she traveled from Hattiesburg with those two kids, spending several hours outside with them, and then traveling back home. I would not be surprised to hear that we have a new niece or nephew tomorrow!! And then Barry and Jennifer's daughter, Carolyn, is due in two weeks. There were lots of little kids there, too, some I knew, some I didn't. The food was wonderful, as usual, and my broccoli cornbread, corn/tomato/okra concoction, and fiber muffins seemed to have been a modest success.
I got to talk to people I haven't talked to in a while, which was very enjoyable. Pam and I got to have a long conversation sitting outside on a bench. Her sons were on hand, very handsome, very grown!! I hope that I didn't repeat too many things when I was talking to everybody, too. Forgive me if you had to hear a story more than once!!! I just was in a talkative mood!!!!!
Anyway, Pam, make that appointment this week!!! You will be glad that you did!!
I talked to Pam's brother, Brad, for the first time in about three years and he was telling me how he and his wife had a huge garden and that they very rarely buy anything from the store. She just put up 50 jars of tomatoes!! Impressive!!!! Tanya, their sister, and her husband, Steve, left fairly early this afternoon to head to Gatlinburg. They are always fun to talk to, also. And of course, David's siblings were there, and it is always good to visit with Susan. Her son Jamie will be 18 in a couple of weeks!! Happy birthday, Jamie! And Brad's daughter, Jaime, will be 30 tomorrow and didn't want too many people to know about it. Her grandfather said that she would be getting AARP soon! Melissa, Kyle's extremely pregnant wife, has a birthday this Thursday. She may be having a baby on Thursday!! Anyway, I want to wish her a happy birthday, also. Carl's family was there, and Cameron, Emily, and Austin are just so cute and grown!! Unreal!!!The parents, Norma, Cecil, and Jo, all had a wonderful time, I believe. Not every one can come to every reunion - distance, illness, military service keep some away, but thankfully, and I hope I don't jinx this, no one has "left us" permanently. I sincerely hope that that doesn't happen anytime soon! We all left around 5:30 and on the way home, I asked David how many reunions there had been. He didn't know. I had such deja vu driving home, though, and do find it hard to believe that another one has come and gone. Knowing Norma and Cecil, they will be paying the deposit on the place tomorrow for next year!!! God willing, we will be there!!!
So, that is all for now. Everyone at the reunion, I so enjoyed our visiting! I do want to get together more than once a year, though!! Maybe we can work something out, maybe get together for a meal or something. That would be so much fun!
Well, time to bring in the dawgs. God forbid they get sprinkled on!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday, October 14

Okay. My dear friend, Gwen, has subscribed to the theory that there are no coincidences. So, with that in mind, I tell you my story.
Starting bright and early this morning, David was having to deal with a machine that was not working correctly at Silverstar Casino, in Philadelphia. Phone calls back and forth were not solving the problem, so David was resigned that he was going to have to go to the property to see what he could do. He was getting in his van close to 3 p.m. but realized he didn't have the keys so got out to come back inside to find them. The phone rang, the machine was working, he didn't have to go. Yay. Problem solved. Well, I had pretty much put myself in the, "David is out of town, I am just going to sit on the deck all afternoon and then watch tv tonight", mode. I tried to snap out of that mode, but it just wasn't happening so I went and lay down on the bed. Meanwhile, David starts to work on a project in the kitchen but needed a certain type of board. He thought about going to Home Depot, but decided against it, even when I said I would go with him, just to get out of the house. He didn't want to go. At 4:30 I said that I could NOT believe that we hadn't gone to the coffee shop and he said, do you want to go, and I said yes, I do. So, knowing that Daniel technically closes at 5, we jumped in the car and headed to town. When we walked in, Daniel looked up and said that he had wondered if he would see us today and we explained the Philadelphia possibility, blah, blah, yada, yada. He fixed me some hot chocolate and David wanted a smoothie. So we go sit in our comfy chairs, a couple of people came in but didn't stay, and at five minutes before 5, this woman sticks her head in and waved at Daniel and started up the stairs to the Attic Gallery. My mind was stunned and David goes, WASN'T THAT LOUANN????? I yelled, LOUANN, and it was her!! Now, everyone, LouAnn and I were best friends in our senior year of high school and roomed together our freshman year of college, then after we moved out of the dorm we rode to school together everyday. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding! We have crossed paths several times during the decades, but several years ago she moved to New Hampshire. I saw her the last time at the airport after dropping Erica off to fly back to Chicago one time and LouAnn was there to fly back to N.H. Now, back to today. We hugged and talked and talked and hugged. She looks great! She is here visiting her mom for a few days. Now, if we had gone to the coffee shop earlier, we would have definitely missed her and she may or may not have called, I don't know. She thought David looked fabulous (he does!!) and wanted to hear the latest health report. Daniel and Leslie locked the doors and drove off, leaving us standing outside still talking. The weather is perfect and it was so nice, I wanted her to just come on to the house, but she was getting her hair cut, AT NIGHT, something that I did not know happened in Vicksburg, Mississippi!! How "upscale" we are getting to be!!! ANYWAY, it has just made my day!! Hopefully, she and I can get together before she leaves - she and her mom are going out of town for a couple of days and we have the reunion tomorrow. "Hit the Bricks", an event that happens a couple of times a year, is this coming Thursday night, so we just may have to meet up there. But, dang, y'all, you have to admit that this was no accident!!! I do believe in karma, just like Earl, and things do happen for a reason, and this was one of them!!
So, that's my story. Tomorrow morning I have to get up pretty early and cook what I am taking to the family reunion. That means hitting the sack a little earlier tonight. So, that's it for now.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Beautiful Friday the 13th!!!

Good morning, everyone! I hope that your Friday the 13th is going absolutely wonderfully!!! It is so cool and the sky is gorgeous, the leaves are gorgeous, my cats and dogs are gorgeous, just a great day!!
So, last night we went to hear Kenny play at the coffee shop. We were the first ones there! It wasn't even open yet, and while we were sitting there, Kenny and his family drove by. Angie came rushing in to open up the shop and Kenny started setting up to play. We found out that today is Angie's last day at the coffee shop! We were stunned!!! Apparently this is something that has been on her mind for a while and she told Daniel last week. A young man is now the manager and I met him last night. We are going to stop in this afternoon to say goodbye and to pay our tab!!! But, good luck, Angie, in whatever you choose to do, but know that we will miss you!
Okay, back to last night - today is Kenny's birthday, so I wished him happy birthday and he was like, I will be 54, can you believe that? I said, no, Kenny, you will be 53 and he said no, 54!! I reminded him that he was four months older than me and I will not be 54 on February 4, but he insisted that he was right! So, we asked him what year he was born - 1953, I will be 54!!! We told him that no, that makes him 53 and he was so perplexed. Then his wife came in and said yes, he is telling everyone he will 54 and she keeps trying to tell him he will be 53!!! Daniel walked by and I told him that Kenny thought he was a year older than he was, and he just shook his head. So, later on, when Daniel was making a few remarks (he did NOT play drums last night), he said for everyone to wish Kenny a happy birthday and that he was TWO years younger than him and he was 55 so do the math!!! Kenny was now very perplexed!!! I hugged him when we were leaving and told him that he had actually gained a year now!!!! And Kenny's beautiful 22 year old daughter was there, along with his 7 year old son, Dawson. Someone yelled for Kenny to keep playing and Dawson, in his cute 7 year old voice, said "Kenny is my dad!!"!! And apparently, Dawson thought that Kenny had his harmonica, and Tammy, Kenny's wife, had to go get him from the "stage" because Dawson wanted his harmonica back!!! I just love all of those Boones!!!!! So, this is a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" shout out to FIFTY THREE YEAR OLD Kenny Boone!!!! May there be many more!!!
David had to go to Natchez today, but hopefully he will be back soon. I don't think we are going to go to the fair after all. If we had picked up E and F from the airport, then yeah, but we don't ride rides, David can't eat all the junk that he used to eat, it costs a lot of money, and actually, it is the "idea" of the fair that appealed to us, so we are just going to hang in Vicksburg tomorrow. It will be nice weather so we can go downtown and walk around (gotothecoffeeshop)and will spend far less money than if we go to Jackson. And the reunion is Sunday in Jackson, so with gas prices the way they are here in Vicksburg, it would be prudent to just make one trip this weekend. It will be enjoyable wherever we are!
By the way, I LOVE getting comments by my blog readers. I eagerly check to see if someone has left me one every day, but alas, I get very few. SO, hint, hint, hint, I would love it if you would drop in and say "hi"! Go ahead, make my day!!!
Also, if anyone calls my home phone, do not be alarmed at what you will hear on our answering machine. After all, think of what season this is!
Okay, that is all for now,

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday, October 12

Hello, everyone. I realize that it has been a few days since I have written anything on my blog. Please forgive me and know that it may possibly happen again!!!
Today is the twelfth anniversary of my father leaving this earth. It is really hard to believe that it has been that long, but in other ways it seems like it has been longer. And ironically, today an episode of Deep Space 9 that was my favorite, dealing with fathers and time/space continuem problems (I love that crap!) was being TiVoed for the suggestions, I turned on the television to see what was recording, and lo and behold, it was that episode. I had checked every one of the episodes that had been recorded to make sure it wasn't that one before I would delete them, so this was odd that I actually turned it on while it was airing. And it was very good and I felt that it was so appropriate that it would be on today. I know that my father is okay - I had a dream, although it was more real than a dream, a couple of years after his death, and he told me that he and his friend, Mac, were going fishing. I figure that is what they are doing today!!
Today has turned chilly. It is absolutely perfect weather for this time of year. Not like Chicago, where I got a first hand weather report, complete with curse words, this morning. It seems that snow is falling from the sky, in great amounts!! Ah, stay warm, little Chicagoans!!
Tonight we are going to the coffee shop for the Thursday night music program. Kenny, Daniel's brother, will be performing numbers from 1972, and there were LOTS of good songs from that year. Daniel will probably be playing drums, during this performance, instead of making coffee and smoothies!! I am tired. It is a good tv night (Earl, Office, CSI, and ER), but that is what the aforementioned TiVo is for!! But I think it will do us good to get out and go hear Kenny and Daniel. So we are.
So, did anybody catch the premier of 30 Rock? It was okay, but it needs to get better. First episodes have to establish characters and all of that so it should improve. Now Twenty Good Years was okay, but I despise laugh tracks. I know when to laugh! Don't think that hearing a "guffaw" is going to make ME guffaw, if the material sucks!!!! Another show that I think everyone should be watching is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, another show about late night television. It is not quite a comedy, but there are some very funny things in it. I am a big fan of Matthew Perry (last week's episode had a character asking M.P. if he could BE any more Jewish. Funny. And for those who don't know, that is how M.P.'s character on Friends talked.) But I am totally taken with Bradley Whitford now, too. I did not watch The West Wing so I wasn't aware of how absolutely adorable this guy is! So, everyone watch it! The ratings are suffering so they will probably cancel this to make way for another According to Jim or Two and a Half Men, two shows that I do NOT watch!!! Okay,enough about television, which seems to be a big part of this blog today!!
Well, it is 6 o'clock and we need to get ready to go the coffee shop. Everyone have a great evening and Friday. Our family reunion is this weekend, and we also want to try to go to the fair. The weather should be great! I'm sorry that my offspring and their spouses won't be here, but they will all be here in a little over a month for Thanksgiving. That'll be here before we know it!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Insomnia strikes again!

Good evening, all. It is about 11:45 pm and as tired as I was when I went to bed over an hour ago, I couldn't go to sleep. I have really accomplished a lot today, washed clothes, cleaned off a counter, fixed supper, walked Goober, chased cats, and decorated for Halloween! I do wish that I could put in this blog how awesome our Halloween decorations are! One of them is an old "lover" of mine, Lurch. For those who have been to Erica's, you know what I mean! Maybe we can figure out how to get a picture of it on here. The decorations, NOT the picture of me and Lurch!!!!!!
I went to see Buster yesterday. Buster is my dog that I gave to this nice young couple. As much as I love him, he really needed more attention that I was able to give him, and they really wanted him. That was in April 2005. So, yesterday, we went to their house but alas they were at the state fair. But Buster recognized me and just went crazy! He is mostly a lab, with "dog" thrown in, and he is supposed to be black, but he was so dirty he had a light brown sheen on his fur. He came running towards me and just fell at my feet, then jumped up and wagged that tail so hard I thought he would break in two!! I kept kissing his head, which is something that I would always do, and it really made me miss him terribly, but I can go see him anytime I want, so now that I have broken the ice, so to speak, I will be more inclined to drop in on him. He tried to follow me out the gate but he stayed put with his "sister". It really made me feel good. He loves me, he really loves me!!!! (sorry Sally)
Jean will be dropping into town on October 27 to stay for a week. It will be so much fun. We plan to go to Pigfest, a big private party north of Tallulah, LA and then then there will be Halloween, and then Mistletoe Marketplace, a big shopping extravaganza in Jackson that is really a tradition in our family. I started going in its second year, I believe, and have only missed a couple of them, in the past 20 plus years. When the kids were young, we would go on family night and one year, Erica painted a hairbow! I don't know what Christopher did, but I am sure it was something. They have live music at times, dancers, and some really great food. So, with Jean with us, it will really be a lot of fun. Does everyone realize just how really close the holidays are? Tonight, I saw the first ad for a cd of Christmas music, timeless classics that bring joy to the spirit! I do love Christmas!! Just hearing a couple of the excerpts brought a little tear to my eyes!! Really, it did!!! I just love the whole season, the colors, the music, the traditions. I know it is stressful at times, but if we can just keep the whole "peace on earth good will toward men" vibe going all year round, this would be a much better world, wouldn't it? And throw in a couple of Frosty and Rudolph and what fun!!!!
Well, I am getting sleepy!! I wonder if my eyes will pop open and stay open if I try going to bed now. Hmmmm, I just may give it a try.
Oh, I have a pedometer that has an alarm on it. It goes off at midnight, scaring the ever-lovin' crap out of us when we are in here!! And it just went off. It is a rooster crowing with some female voice saying it is 12. Okay, it just stopped. One night I am just gonna stomp that sucker until it crows for the last time! I have pushed every button to try to reset it, but every night, it starts crowing! I ought to just throw it outside, but my luck it will wake someone up!!!
All right! That's enough for now!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday, October 5

Well, one hundred years ago today my grandmother was born!!! Happy Birthday, Memaw!!! She left us two days before her 86th birthday and was buried on her birthday. She was such a character, singing her little dirty ditties to my young children!!!! I'm sure there is a party in heaven today!!!!!!!
So, how has everyone been this week? I have been busy and not able to sit down and blog, so here I am, trying to cool off from walking Goober. A cold front will be swooping in here tonight, so tomorrow should be absolutely glorious!!!
October 3 was my mother in law's 80th birthday and she is celebrating all week long, as well she should! Yesterday, I took two cats to the vet (when I cool off, I am going to get them) and then I had to go pick her up at the mechanic's, where my car was, also. I took her to the coffee shop where we sat for close to an hour, enjoying the atmosphere as always! Daniel and Angie were running around, fixing breakfast for a few customers. Norma and I, though, went and pigged out at Ameristar, so we certainly didn't want to eat anything before that. There is just so much food at that buffet and you want to try all of it, but you can barely scratch the surface! Then I took her home and went and picked up MY mother. I took her to the drugstore and then, you guessed it, we went to the coffee shop!!! We were the only ones in there at that time and she now understands why we go there when we have the time. It was good to get her away from her soap operas and her house!! So, then we got MY car from the shop, I went home, and then back out to get Norma again because HER car was now ready!! Whew!!! I said that I was a "mother trucker" yesterday!!! Sorry, couldn't resist that! But it was a very enjoyable day, despite the heat. David, during all of this, was at Philadelphia and he is on his way back there today!! And he wonders why his back hurts so much!! Riding in that van is like an antichiropractic adjustment!! It is really rough, but he had to go, so that is what Tylenol is for!!!!!
This weekend is the annual fall festival in Vicksburg. The weather should be great, very fall festivalish, and we are going to decorate more for Halloween. Maybe if E and F are home next weekend, they can take a picture and put it here so everyone can see. It is going to be pretty awesome. Seriously.
I have heard from Carolyn and she is venturing out daily in her new town. There seems to be a lot of stores near where she is living now and before long, she will know everyplace there like she does here. And no doubt there are a lot more places there to know than in Vicksburg, home of the empty buildings!
Well, that is it for now. Must go get kitty cats from the vet. They will be so sleepy for a couple of days, but they will be much better off now that they are fixed. Two more to go. That will be next week, though!
Have a great day!!!