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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday night

Hey. How is everyone this evening? It is a beautiful night, a full moon, cool breeze, just lovely. And it is nine o'clock (don't pay any attention to that time thing on the bottom of the blog, it is never right!). I am going to enjoy this lovely evening by crawling into my bed and hopefully, being asleep very very soon. Not that it has been a bad day, quite the opposite. I am just tired.
And, Allie, my cute little year old cat, is in heat, big time. And being the forward thinking, progressive city that Vicksburg is, that means paying for a vet because there are no spay/neuter programs here because, well, because it's Vicksburg!!! I sure hope that money tree starts putting out some leaves soon!! But don't let my comments keep you from coming to Vicksburg. The coffee shop alone is worth the trip!
The Steve Irwin thing is still so sad. And apparently it WASN'T instantaneous if he could pull the barb out before he died. I watched about fifteen minutes of a documentary on him this evening, and I had to change the channel. It is just too sad, and there is enough sadness around!! So I watched Bones, where they had the absolutely grossest stuff on there. Hmmmm, much better.....
I am having lunch tomorrow with my friend, Gwen, which ought to be fun. And Carolyn will be getting back from Wilmington on Saturday, so she is bound to have some interesting stuff to tell me. The weather will be absolutely perfect tomorrow. Oh, and Daniel and Lesley will be back on Saturday also. Gee, everyone!! It's time to come home!! If only for a little while (and you know who you are!!!).
Hopefully, and it has to be within the next two weeks, Erica's and Fuzzy's wedding picture will be in the paper. After everyone gazes and oohs and ahhs over it, could you please save your copies so I can distribute them to family members? Thanks!!! I got tons of Christopher's and Katie's picture so I'm counting on you to let me get tons of E and F's.
Well, it is after nine. I am tired. The little crippled Teddiebear has learned to jump off of the loveseat. And she is just flipping around in the kitchen right now. Between her and Allie in heat, it is quite interesting, catwise here. Shout out to my grandcats, Parker, Mustapha, Latte, and the newest addition, Mokey. I'm sorry about that "shout out" thing. It is the first thing that came through my fingers.
Okay, now I am just getting silly.


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