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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vicksburg's wonderful movie theater

A friend of mine who moved away a year ago made the comment to me on the phone the other night that she liked "the idea of Vicksburg", which made me laugh quite a bit. Because, that is the honest truth. You want to like the "real" Vicksburg and its ideals and idiosyncrasies, but the actual Vicksburg? Well, it is getting harder and harder to like. For instance, our mall. I use the term "mall" because that is what they call themselves, but in actuality, it is just a big brick building that has a couple of stores in it. One of them is a movie theater, for lack of a better description. Today, David and I saw that Talladega Nights was playing at 2:40. That sounded great. We could go to the show and then stop off at the grocery store. So, we got there, bought our tickets, and this was a first for us, WE ACTUALLY BOUGHT A LARGE POPCORN!!! We had not eaten lunch so this would stave off actual fainting from hunger. At 2:45, I went and told them that the movie hadn't started (we were the only two in there) so the girl who apparently was the manager, and if she was over 21 I would have really been surprised, said she would go tell them to start the movie. Wha?? So, I go sit back down. Another ten minutes pass. I get up and knock on the employees only door and she actually said, "who is it?" and I said, a customer. She came out and said that oops, the projectionist dropped the movie and didn't know how to put it back together!! But that they were trying. Wha??? again. Back in the seat I went. A very young guy came in with a broom and I asked him about why it was so hot in there. The air conditioner went out last year and boy did it get cold in there during the winter, he said!! Now, excuse my abbreviation, but WTF????? Then, lo and behold, some sound came on and a very blurry, off the screen picture comes on. Then it goes away. Again, it comes on. Then it goes away. After this went on about 10 more minutes, I got up again and asked if there was anything else, besides Snakes on a Plane showing, and of course, there wasn't. And she said they would give us passes to come back and I asked her why on earth would I want to come back? I told her that I had lived in this town all of my life. Why couldn't we get a decent movie theater? No wonder everyone goes to Jackson. I was very polite, seriously, I was. So, I go back in there and a few minutes later, here comes a couple of people, offering us our money back. We got up, and I told this other girl employee that I couldn't believe that they even called themselves a theater and she told me that they just fired the projectionist. So, we got our money and left. Two of the employees then went outside the theater doors to smoke. That is the only movie theater in this town, folks. And we are not a little podunk town either. And please, do not take offense at the term "podunk". We use that a lot in the south.
So, chalk it up to another in the long line of Vicksburg foibles. Like I said, the "idea" is much better than the "reality". Although, this evening, David and I drove to one of the river overlooks and with the sunset and the cool breeze and the river flowing, it was absolutely gorgeous. I am surprised that someone from Vicksburg hasn't come along and managed to screw that view up!! Give 'em time. Someone will do it.
Well, I didn't get to sleep until four this morning so I am going to call it a night. IT'S A NIGHT. You DID know I had to do that, right?
Oh, and HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!


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