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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts on September 20

Two years ago today, David had surgery that changed our lives forever. The future was very very hazy, with us only being a few months into this cancer journey (such a cliche, but it really is a journey). Family and friends got up way before daylight to go with us to Jackson, and then sat there with me during the extremely long day. Erica was here for the week, with Christopher coming the next week to lend his support. David came through the surgery with flying colors, no complications, no uncontrollable pain (thanks epidural!). It is hard to believe that two years have gone by and we are optimistically confident that two years from now we will still be here. I just heard Bon Jovi's "Live My Life" and just cranked it up, (those who know us know that that means it is very very loud), because I thought it was an appropriate song to hear today. Live your life, it's now or never...... So, that is what we are trying to do, and if we spend an inordinate amount of time at the coffee shop, well then so be it!!!!! Is "inordinate" the right word? It just sounded right! Anyway, y'all know what I mean!!
So, the beautiful day today will see us eating at Horizon with Norma, and then trying to get outside some this afternoon. I was so tired when we walked last night, and it was so cool and perfect, I am going to try to walk longer tonight to really enjoy this weather. The Murrays will be here day after tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT! I predict loads of fun for a couple of days!! And some good eatin', too!
Life is good. I can diet next week.


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