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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Hello, everyone. I hope that your Sunday is just going swimmingly! We just had a quick, heavy rainshower that hopefully, will be bringing in some cool weather. I just wasn't that cool this morning! It will be better tomorrow.
William-Sonoma. Our little tiny store in Jackson has so much stuff that I would love but I could never justify spending the money. All of the pumpkin stuff, cake pans especially, are so expensive!!! David found some very healthy salsa that he wanted, so we bought that (lordy it is very expensive, so it BETTER be good for him!) and I got a new muffin tin. When this water situation gets resolved in Vicksburg, I want to bake some good, healthy muffins that will cure all of mankind's diseases. There is bound to be a recipe for that on the internet!
We also bought a huge spotlight. With all of the break-ins around here lately, this is a good thing to have for security. It shines a strong beam of light a LONG way off, so if the dogs are going crazy, we can shine that sucker and see what's going on!! Enough is enough!! I hid my jewelry box yesterday (I'll never tell where!) while we were gone. I know that our neighborhood's particular burglar is probably looking for stuff he can sell to make a quick buck, so I was concerned over my rings. Cheryl is getting an alarm system, something we may have to look into ourselves in the near future. I know I sound like an old fogey, but what is this world coming to??? If he comes around here, though, I'll shine that light in his eyes and he will know that we are not going to put up with his shenanigans!!!!!
Well, my lunch is ready and I am hungry.
Have a great afternoon!
OOOHHH, Kashmir just came on the radio! It is my ringtone on my cellphone!!! David just asked if I was going to answer my phone. What a kidder.


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