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Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

Well, I guess everyone has heard the tragic news about S. I. being killed today by a stingray. It just goes to show, you never know. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and humor, and yeah, I thought he kind of screwed up when he was holding baby Bob and feeding a croc, but a stingray barb through the heart? No offense, but,CRIKEY! At least he went out doing what he loved and it sounds as though it was pretty fast.
Our family has a stingray story. And there are still stingray sightings in South Carolina, I understand. You just never know where they will turn up.
So, here is a quick explanation of the Reid stingray - years and years and years ago, in a galaxy far far away, no, actually in Panama City, Florida, a plastic stingray was bought because my little boy (Hey, my little boy!) wanted one. It was very realistic looking, unless you saw the price that was written on its belly! ANYWAY, C. would put the stingray halfway into a bucket, put it where the water would almost get to it, and then act like he had just caught it! One couple told him to go tell his mother he had caught it, but most realized that he was a six year old boy just playing. I just sat there in my beach chair, watching and laughing. Ah, how thin I was. Back to the story, though. That stingray is now living in South Carolina, where I believe, he was holding a card for Christopher congratulating him on his graduation, and has been tossed into the shower, bed, kitchen, anywhere that you can toss a stingray! I'm just very grateful that the Reid stingray wasn't very dangerous! And I think you can still see the price on the stingray's body!
So, rest in peace, Steve Irwin. I know that your conservation work will continue for many many years.


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