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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday night, last day of September

October starts tomorrow and of course, our weather has taken a turn for the normal, unfortunately! It is going to be fairly hot all week, highs in the nineties. That's not cool!! And yes, I meant it both ways!!!! I bought all of my Halloween decorations today - Big Lots is marvelous for that kind of stuff. And the candy was very reasonably priced. Since Christmas decorations are up in so many places, I decided to go ahead and buy the candy today, then I won't even have to think about it until October 31. We then went to the coffee shop. I love that place. Then we went to Kroger's where, when you walk in the door, there is a HUGE inflatable snow globe with Santa Claus in it and the snow is swirling around him. It is overkill, if you ask me, which you didn't, but this is a small little entrance and now we have to look at this friggin' huge thing for the next three months, give or take a few days. OR, and this is probably what will happen, someone will stab it and it will deflate, and we will have a sorry decoration blocking the entrance until someone from Kroger decides that it needs to be healed, so they will try to reinflate it and probably mend it with duct tape. Mark my words. That is the way things go in this town.
OH, they caught a couple of kids in the burglaries in our subdivision. I do hope that the ones they caught were the ones doing it. I have been kind of afraid to leave the house sometimes. I mean, when we went to Jackson a couple of weeks ago, I put my jewelry box, well, I had better not say, but it was in a weird place!! I'm sure the burglar could have found it, but I felt better leaving home knowing that my jewelry box was, well, you know, hidden.
Okay, gang. SNL's season premiere is on in a couple of minutes, and I just want to see the opening.
Have a great Sunday!


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