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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Well, we got to the movie this afternoon and I highly recommend it, IF you are not offended by bad language. And Steve Carell is such a good actor. It was a little disconcerting at first to hear him talk because all I could hear was his character from The Office, but after a few minutes, all I could think was how good he was. Everyone was very good. The little girl was a cutie, Greg Kinnear is always good, Toni Collette, who is built like a NORMAL woman, was good as the mother of kids who DON'T talk or see dead people, Alan Arkin was good. But, Paul Dano, who plays the teenage boy who doesn't talk, was EXCELLENT! He just really was such a good part of the movie. The yellow VW bus they are riding in is a hilarious part of the movie, and then there is the pageant. With all of the stuff lately about JonBenet, it was kind of cringe inducing, which is what I am sure the directors were going for. And comparing it to Happy, Texas was kind of right on the mark - independent film about little girl pageants, Little Miss Fresh Squeezed (H,T) and Little Miss Sunshine (LMS, obviously). So, if dark, dysfunctional comedy is your cup of tea, by all means, go see this movie.
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