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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm bummed

Well, I wrote a long post earlier today, talking about our fun weekend with the Murrays. I talked about a friend moving away. I talked about how my sister-in-law's birthday became a tragic day because of the accidental death of her husband's sister in the afternoon. It really puts everything in perspective when something like that happens. I mean, my friend will be back in 18 months, I'll miss her but am extremely excited for her, also. Like I said, perspective.
I told everyone to go to and click on the horse whisperer video. Please do that. Chicago comedy. You just never know what they will do. And on the you tube stuff, Sasha and The Noob's cable access show is on there. I watched the ones with Erica and Fuzzy, of course. What a hoot!
But you know what? When it was time to "post" that blog, either the computer, the blogspot, or just gremlins MADE IT COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR!!!!!! I tried to recover it, but then all the computer would show is "page cannot be displayed"!!! Christopher has talked about how things like that happen when there are lots of people on the computer, and this was right before noon, so odds are, lots of people were on their computers, but I AM ANNOYED!!!!! It wasn't my finest work, but it was very informative and took me time to write it!!!!! Technology!!!!
So, in a nutshell, we had a great time this weekend, Kathy and I went shopping, the guys played cards at the coffee shop, a good time was had by all involved. Sunday, we went shopping again (lots of stores are gone on the coast) and the "boys" played Scrabble all Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend with some great people. The problem is, the time is just always way too short when they come here. I mean, even before, during, and after Katrina, they were here for three weeks and we really hated to see them go!!! It was just a pleasure to have them here. They just need to move to Vicksburg, then, problem solved!! Except for jobs. That would be the problem! Gotta have an income, dingblast it!!!
It is a gorgeous afternoon. I need to take the dog for a long long walk. I just may do that soon.
Well, if anyone can find my original blog post from today, would you please tell it to come home? Thanks, I would really appreciate it!!


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