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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday morning

Here it is, the actual, official first day of fall and it is hot hot hot today!!! How ironic, don't ya think? One lap around the block with Goober just about did me in and that little fat dog was having some trouble, too. Luckily this will change in a couple of days. I don't like being teased like this!!!!!
Our friends, the Murrays, are due in this afternoon. It is going to be such a fun weekend! I need to bake a cake!! And when they get here, off to the coffee shop we will go, with cake in hand!
Carolyn leaves on Tuesday. Weird. They are so excited, though, and that is great. It will be a great adventure for them. And as long as there is email and a phone, we will still be keeping in touch, calling each other during Oprah!!!
I am highly recommending that everyone go buy Ceila Rivenbark's book. I know I told y'all early that it is laugh out loud funny, but it is laugh out loud, slap your knee, then read it out loud to whoever is around, funny. She is crazy and for those who know me well, well, you know that I can really relate to that!! The part about her being scared of lizards really hit home. I do not like lizards.
I really don't have a lot more to say. I just wanted to check in before the company gets here, because I probably won't be writing a whole lot until they leave. And then, LOOK OUT!!! I hope to have some good stuff to report!
OH, and Susannah and Al are coming this weekend, too, because of some problems with their house (which I predicted, but that is a whole other story). So, I guess I had better get started on that cake, huh?


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