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Friday, September 29, 2006

An addendum to Friday

What a fabulous day I have had!!! Kathie S. and I had so much fun. I have really missed hanging out with her. We went to the Purple Ladder for lunch, walked around downtown in the most beautiful weather ever, and then came back here and just sat on the deck and talked and watched the cats. A very very nice day.
And I have to mention how great my friends are. Last weekend, the Murrays were here and a great time was had the entire time, yesterday Gwen came with me to sit with me while I waited for a doctor's appointment, and even though it was late when I came out, she was still there, smiling. And then today, Kathie called and made it a perfect Friday. I talked to Carolyn this morning in Wilmington and she and Curtis are all settled in, ready to learn about their new surroundings. I talked to Cheryl tonight, Marian this afternoon, along with a face from the past, Gene Brannan. David and I just got back from a lovely walk under a starry sky with cool breezes (I had to wear a sleeve AND something on my ears!). Just a great day. I hope everyone of you reading this had just as nice a day!! And hopefully, tomorrow will be just as good, for everybody!!!
So, I think I need to go to bed now. Good night!!!!


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