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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday night, last day of September

October starts tomorrow and of course, our weather has taken a turn for the normal, unfortunately! It is going to be fairly hot all week, highs in the nineties. That's not cool!! And yes, I meant it both ways!!!! I bought all of my Halloween decorations today - Big Lots is marvelous for that kind of stuff. And the candy was very reasonably priced. Since Christmas decorations are up in so many places, I decided to go ahead and buy the candy today, then I won't even have to think about it until October 31. We then went to the coffee shop. I love that place. Then we went to Kroger's where, when you walk in the door, there is a HUGE inflatable snow globe with Santa Claus in it and the snow is swirling around him. It is overkill, if you ask me, which you didn't, but this is a small little entrance and now we have to look at this friggin' huge thing for the next three months, give or take a few days. OR, and this is probably what will happen, someone will stab it and it will deflate, and we will have a sorry decoration blocking the entrance until someone from Kroger decides that it needs to be healed, so they will try to reinflate it and probably mend it with duct tape. Mark my words. That is the way things go in this town.
OH, they caught a couple of kids in the burglaries in our subdivision. I do hope that the ones they caught were the ones doing it. I have been kind of afraid to leave the house sometimes. I mean, when we went to Jackson a couple of weeks ago, I put my jewelry box, well, I had better not say, but it was in a weird place!! I'm sure the burglar could have found it, but I felt better leaving home knowing that my jewelry box was, well, you know, hidden.
Okay, gang. SNL's season premiere is on in a couple of minutes, and I just want to see the opening.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 29, 2006

An addendum to Friday

What a fabulous day I have had!!! Kathie S. and I had so much fun. I have really missed hanging out with her. We went to the Purple Ladder for lunch, walked around downtown in the most beautiful weather ever, and then came back here and just sat on the deck and talked and watched the cats. A very very nice day.
And I have to mention how great my friends are. Last weekend, the Murrays were here and a great time was had the entire time, yesterday Gwen came with me to sit with me while I waited for a doctor's appointment, and even though it was late when I came out, she was still there, smiling. And then today, Kathie called and made it a perfect Friday. I talked to Carolyn this morning in Wilmington and she and Curtis are all settled in, ready to learn about their new surroundings. I talked to Cheryl tonight, Marian this afternoon, along with a face from the past, Gene Brannan. David and I just got back from a lovely walk under a starry sky with cool breezes (I had to wear a sleeve AND something on my ears!). Just a great day. I hope everyone of you reading this had just as nice a day!! And hopefully, tomorrow will be just as good, for everybody!!!
So, I think I need to go to bed now. Good night!!!!

A beautiful Friday morning

People, people, people, it's 43 degrees outside!!!! It's still September!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
This has been a fast week. We haven't even been to the coffee shop since Monday, and since it is kind of cold ( for here!), a cup of hot chocolate sounds pretty dang good, doesn't it?? David has to go to Golden Moon today, and I was tempted to go with him, but I really don't feel like riding in the van for that long. So, off he goes.
I am about to go have lunch with my friend, Kathie S. She is off a couple of days this week and just called and now I am waiting for her to pick me up. I am really looking forward to visiting with her. It is such a gorgeous day and I am in a really good mood!! So, fun!!!
This weekend we are going to buy some decorations for Halloween. I love decorating for Halloween, even though in my town, there are going to be letters to the editor about how it is a devil holiday and Christians shouldn't do this, blah blah blah. But you know, we baby boomers used to have a blast at Halloween and it is baby boomers who are now saying about how bad this holiday is!! Come on, people, don't you remember leaving your house right before dark and not getting home for HOURS, having already eaten the homemade popcorn balls and as much chocolate that you shove in your mouth???!? People would have haunted houses that we could go through, and those store bought Halloween masks that had the elastic string, which would break before the evening was over, you would be sweating like crazy (hey, we're in Mississippi!! It was ALWAYS hot at Halloween!) and they had that plastic smell that if I got a whiff of that smell now, I would be magically transported back to childhood! And yes, that was a big ol' runon sentence, but you know what I'm saying, don't you, boomers? My sister, who is 5 years younger, didn't even have the fun at Halloween that I had. I remember taking her trick or treating and there were some people who didn't even have any candy, didn't realize that it was even Halloween!!! Sad, sad. When my kids were little, we didn't live in a neighborhood, so we took the kids to trick or treat with their friends in neighborhoods, and while most people gave out candy, it was now a worry about razor blades and poison and the hospital offered to x ray the candy to make sure it was safe to eat! WTF??? And also, no homemade treats anymore! No popcorn balls, no candy apples, now people were giving toothbrushes and toothpaste and pennies!! Pennies?? SO, I am decorating big time this year and I will have some snickers and some milky ways to give out to the kids. OH, and in our fair city, there have been times that if Halloween falls on a weeknight or, God forbid, a football night, they would "move" Halloween to a more convenient date!! Again, WTF???? So, it falls on a Tuesday this year. Let's hope they keep it there! There were lots of outcries over the moving of the date so I think they will leave well enough alone. I will let you know!
Okay, if anyone thinks I am bad to enjoy Halloween, don't let me know!!! I consider October through December the holiday season and I am really really looking forward to it all!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm bummed

Well, I wrote a long post earlier today, talking about our fun weekend with the Murrays. I talked about a friend moving away. I talked about how my sister-in-law's birthday became a tragic day because of the accidental death of her husband's sister in the afternoon. It really puts everything in perspective when something like that happens. I mean, my friend will be back in 18 months, I'll miss her but am extremely excited for her, also. Like I said, perspective.
I told everyone to go to and click on the horse whisperer video. Please do that. Chicago comedy. You just never know what they will do. And on the you tube stuff, Sasha and The Noob's cable access show is on there. I watched the ones with Erica and Fuzzy, of course. What a hoot!
But you know what? When it was time to "post" that blog, either the computer, the blogspot, or just gremlins MADE IT COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR!!!!!! I tried to recover it, but then all the computer would show is "page cannot be displayed"!!! Christopher has talked about how things like that happen when there are lots of people on the computer, and this was right before noon, so odds are, lots of people were on their computers, but I AM ANNOYED!!!!! It wasn't my finest work, but it was very informative and took me time to write it!!!!! Technology!!!!
So, in a nutshell, we had a great time this weekend, Kathy and I went shopping, the guys played cards at the coffee shop, a good time was had by all involved. Sunday, we went shopping again (lots of stores are gone on the coast) and the "boys" played Scrabble all Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend with some great people. The problem is, the time is just always way too short when they come here. I mean, even before, during, and after Katrina, they were here for three weeks and we really hated to see them go!!! It was just a pleasure to have them here. They just need to move to Vicksburg, then, problem solved!! Except for jobs. That would be the problem! Gotta have an income, dingblast it!!!
It is a gorgeous afternoon. I need to take the dog for a long long walk. I just may do that soon.
Well, if anyone can find my original blog post from today, would you please tell it to come home? Thanks, I would really appreciate it!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday morning

Here it is, the actual, official first day of fall and it is hot hot hot today!!! How ironic, don't ya think? One lap around the block with Goober just about did me in and that little fat dog was having some trouble, too. Luckily this will change in a couple of days. I don't like being teased like this!!!!!
Our friends, the Murrays, are due in this afternoon. It is going to be such a fun weekend! I need to bake a cake!! And when they get here, off to the coffee shop we will go, with cake in hand!
Carolyn leaves on Tuesday. Weird. They are so excited, though, and that is great. It will be a great adventure for them. And as long as there is email and a phone, we will still be keeping in touch, calling each other during Oprah!!!
I am highly recommending that everyone go buy Ceila Rivenbark's book. I know I told y'all early that it is laugh out loud funny, but it is laugh out loud, slap your knee, then read it out loud to whoever is around, funny. She is crazy and for those who know me well, well, you know that I can really relate to that!! The part about her being scared of lizards really hit home. I do not like lizards.
I really don't have a lot more to say. I just wanted to check in before the company gets here, because I probably won't be writing a whole lot until they leave. And then, LOOK OUT!!! I hope to have some good stuff to report!
OH, and Susannah and Al are coming this weekend, too, because of some problems with their house (which I predicted, but that is a whole other story). So, I guess I had better get started on that cake, huh?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts on September 20

Two years ago today, David had surgery that changed our lives forever. The future was very very hazy, with us only being a few months into this cancer journey (such a cliche, but it really is a journey). Family and friends got up way before daylight to go with us to Jackson, and then sat there with me during the extremely long day. Erica was here for the week, with Christopher coming the next week to lend his support. David came through the surgery with flying colors, no complications, no uncontrollable pain (thanks epidural!). It is hard to believe that two years have gone by and we are optimistically confident that two years from now we will still be here. I just heard Bon Jovi's "Live My Life" and just cranked it up, (those who know us know that that means it is very very loud), because I thought it was an appropriate song to hear today. Live your life, it's now or never...... So, that is what we are trying to do, and if we spend an inordinate amount of time at the coffee shop, well then so be it!!!!! Is "inordinate" the right word? It just sounded right! Anyway, y'all know what I mean!!
So, the beautiful day today will see us eating at Horizon with Norma, and then trying to get outside some this afternoon. I was so tired when we walked last night, and it was so cool and perfect, I am going to try to walk longer tonight to really enjoy this weather. The Murrays will be here day after tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT! I predict loads of fun for a couple of days!! And some good eatin', too!
Life is good. I can diet next week.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


What a lovely day!! It is so beautiful today, the wind is cool, the air is clean, just wonderful. I always pray for an early fall, well, we got one! Tonight it is going to be in the low fifties, something that normally doesn't happen until October! And we are having friends come up from the coast this weekend, so this is going to be absolutely great weather to kick around town while they are here, and go to the coffee shop, of course, too!! Cheryl is planning a luncheon on Saturday, so that will be fun, too, seeing a few friends that I haven't seen in a while. All in all, a good weekend coming up!! I am really looking forward to it! And I'll be honest with you, I am SO ready to go ahead and decorate for Halloween!! I love FALL!
Yesterday, David and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel with Carolyn for her birthday, as well as kind of visiting with her before her big trip that will last a couple of years. It is weird to think she will be gone for a while, but we can still talk and email, so that will be okay. She gave me my Christmas present!!! I will not open it until December 25, though!!! I have already bought some presents myself. It is not too early at all. I wonder what people would think if I went ahead and sent Christmas cards now!!!??? Hmmmm, I may do it!!! You KNOW I would!!!!!!!
Man, I was just looking at this keyboard, it is FILTHY!!! Add that to all the rest of the stuff I need to clean!!! I could sure use a Merry Maid for a day!!
Well, that is it for now. I just wanted to say "hey"!!! "HEY!!!!!"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Hello, everyone. I hope that your Sunday is just going swimmingly! We just had a quick, heavy rainshower that hopefully, will be bringing in some cool weather. I just wasn't that cool this morning! It will be better tomorrow.
William-Sonoma. Our little tiny store in Jackson has so much stuff that I would love but I could never justify spending the money. All of the pumpkin stuff, cake pans especially, are so expensive!!! David found some very healthy salsa that he wanted, so we bought that (lordy it is very expensive, so it BETTER be good for him!) and I got a new muffin tin. When this water situation gets resolved in Vicksburg, I want to bake some good, healthy muffins that will cure all of mankind's diseases. There is bound to be a recipe for that on the internet!
We also bought a huge spotlight. With all of the break-ins around here lately, this is a good thing to have for security. It shines a strong beam of light a LONG way off, so if the dogs are going crazy, we can shine that sucker and see what's going on!! Enough is enough!! I hid my jewelry box yesterday (I'll never tell where!) while we were gone. I know that our neighborhood's particular burglar is probably looking for stuff he can sell to make a quick buck, so I was concerned over my rings. Cheryl is getting an alarm system, something we may have to look into ourselves in the near future. I know I sound like an old fogey, but what is this world coming to??? If he comes around here, though, I'll shine that light in his eyes and he will know that we are not going to put up with his shenanigans!!!!!
Well, my lunch is ready and I am hungry.
Have a great afternoon!
OOOHHH, Kashmir just came on the radio! It is my ringtone on my cellphone!!! David just asked if I was going to answer my phone. What a kidder.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday morning

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..... Yes, it is gorgeous, although the heat index is creeping back up and is more in line with what we are used to seeing at this time of year. But we sure do get spoiled quickly when the temps go down and there is a little chill in the air. I walked Goober for about 20 minutes and that was over an hour ago and I am still sweating!! I expect her to start meowing though, anyday now, because I have figured out that she is using the litter boxes in the basement!!! Yay!! I know she eats the cat food. So, meowing is next.
When I came back in from walking her, David was sitting here playing solitaire, which surprised me since I had left him in the bed. Seems that he got a call from the monitor room in Vegas - we're going to Golden Moon today!!! I am going with him because he is pretty sure it is a quick fix and then we will go to an antique store in Canton that he is jonesing to visit. I want to go to William-Sonoma at Northpark and just touch the stuff I can never afford!!!! I think it will be a nice day.
OH, and Celia Rivenbark's new book, HOW NOT TO DRESS YOUR SIX-YEAR OLD LIKE A SKANK is out and I got mine yesterday and I have laughed and laughed at that crazy woman! I highly recommend it! I am ticked that she isn't coming to Lemuria this month as she had thought, but she will be in Birmingham in a couple of weeks. I would so like to go see her. Her other books are BLESS YOUR HEART, TRAMP and WE'RE JUST LIKE YOU, ONLY PRETTIER. You probably could get them in a library if you want to sample her writing style. Personally, I think she is hilarious!
We had a neighbor die yesterday. A quiet, nice man - you just never know. I am going to try to live in the moment and not constantly look ahead for everything. I mean, yes, I will still look ahead, but I am going to try to be better at enjoying what I am doing at this particular moment in time. Hence the trip to Golden Moon with David. Otherwise, I would just sit here and wait for him to come home. I'd rather get out and enjoy the day.
So, everyone, get out and enjoy your day also!!
Take care!!! Oh, and go to this website:
Watch the montage and you will see why I want everyone to see this!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday night

Good evening. I hope that everyone has had a great day. The weather today has been outstanding! More like October than September. Beautiful blue sky, cool breezes, leaves shimmering on the trees and occasionally one will sail off, drifting in the wind and then softly land on the ground. Like I said, OUTSTANDING!!
And we had no water. A huge pipe burst which left Vicksburg with no water. School was out, the Corps of Engineers shut down at noon, as did day care centers, doctors' offices, and other businesses. I discovered that the faucet on the side of the house still had a trickle and managed to get a few pots of water to boil, then Gwen brought over some jugs with water from her house (she lives WAY south of town), plus some delicious chicken spaghetti. She called when she got home and said Walmart was unloading a truck of water into the store so when David got home, we went and got a jug and two flats of bottled water. We were fortunate that we still had some left over from Katrina. This just proves that we need to keep it here always. We took some to the mothers so they won't be thirsty!! But tonight the water is back on, but we can't drink it for maybe 72 hours, until they get an all clear from the health department. Restaurants were really hit hard, which makes me wonder about the coffee shop. Mybad, I didn't even call them!!! But we can bathe and wash clothes in the water. They did warn us to NOT drink the bath water. Whew, that was a close call, I am so glad that they told us that. I mean, I do get incredibly thirsty while I am taking a bath. The soap gives it just the right bouquet.
David and I just walked Goob up the road and it is still so nice out tonight. No blue skies, but the breeze is still there, and for those who live in Vicksburg, you will understand what I mean, there is the slight smell of the paper mill, which we know means that the wind is out of the north, therefore it is cooler and it is so very very nice. When we got on up the street, though, we then got the very distinct aroma of a fabric softener sheet wafting in the air, which we know means that it is coming from a vent in a laundry room and someone will have some nice, clean, soft clothes waiting for them, and it is also so very very nice. And then we came home and put the garbage out. Ah, the circle of life.......
Okay, folks, goin' to bed now. Have a great Friday!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday afternoon

Well, I am proud to announce that I do not have colon cancer!! I don't have to go through that for another ten years!! And seriously, the prep is so much worse that the actual test. I mean, it hurt for them to put an iv in because I had no liquid inside of me, but once they finally got it in, the rest was a piece of cake! I mean, they wheeled me in, and this cute little man comes in and introduces himself as my doctor, he asks me a few questions, and then, I'm awake and it's over and I am fine!! And I told him that he was just really a cute man!! And while I am very tired (I finally went to sleep at 7 this morning!), I feel pretty good. We went and got a baked 'tater at McAllister's, then went by the coffee shop where Angie gave me a brownie with ice cream for free!! I think it may have been a little too much for me to eat right now, but eat it I did, and it was delicious!!! We've been hanging around there a lot lately. Have I mentioned how much we love it?????
So, now we are home and there was a police car in front of Cheryl's house. When I walked up the street with Goober, there were TWO police cars in front of her house. When I walked back down, these two police officers were walking up to Cheryl's house. Well, you know me, I was afraid someone had died and they were coming to tell her. We looked out a few minutes later and there is a police TRUCK in front of her house. So, I called and asked if she needed me to come over and she said that her house was broken into today!!! Now, why on earth did someone break into her house? It is a lovely house on a street of lovely houses. What were they looking for? Since she lives right across the street from us, we are now concerned. Is this someone just breaking into random houses? I mean, come on, this is certainly something that we don't need now, or ever!!!! So, she is going to call me back and let me know what they took. It is just getting so bad everywhere. Thank goodness her dog wasn't injured or taken. That would have been way way too much.
It is lovely weather. Since I was thinking I was going to die today while I was awake all night, I am certainly glad to see that it is a perfect day and that I am here to see it!!!! So, to celebrate this lovely day, I think I will go to bed early tonight!!!!!!!
That is it for now. One more doctor to see next week. I am just determined to get completely checked out, one less thing to worry about with each test. So far, so good!!!!!!
So, have a great night!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday night

I know I haven't written too much lately. Sorry. And this is going to be very short. You see, tomorrow I am having a "procedure" done, one that requires prepping the night before, a prep that is way worse than the test! I'm pretty sure y'all can figure out what I'm talking about! I just decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and get it over with. I mean, everything you read is about how like, a hangnail means you have colon cancer! So, I'm just getting it over with. Wish me luck.
That is it for now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday night

Evening, all!! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Friday. I didn't hit a lick at a snake today!! But I did go over to Cheryl's to get a dead rat out of her front yard!!! She said she wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't get it! And I believe her! So, in return, she gave me some butterbeans from her freezer. So, off I went, with Goober on a leash, holding a dead rat in a cat food bag, and a bag of butterbeans. Not many people can say that, I'm sure. I'm not sure I should even be saying it! What a mental picture that must create.
Sci Fi Friday. Always good. Great SG-1 episode and a very good Atlantis episode. But for the life of me, I still can't understand the wrestling being on the scifi channel. Mine is not to question why, mine is but to change the channel when it comes on.
The weather should be perfect this weekend so I hope everybody gets out and does something fun!
OH, and we just may be spending Christmas in Cape May, NJ!! I am so excited about that. I certainly do hope that we can pull it off without too much trouble.
Well, off to bed. Have a great night!

Friday morning

Good morning, everyone. I hope that everybody's Friday is going well.
First off, Erica and Fuzzy's wedding write up will be in the paper this Sunday, so everyone that gets the Vicksburg Post please save it for me! Thank you!
I am glad that it is Friday, but David had to go to Philadelphia yesterday, and Gulfport today!! He says he is okay with it, but I worry about him doing too much. Thank goodness today is Friday. I know I have already said that, but it is worth repeating, don't you think??
I had a very enjoyable day with Gwen yesterday. She and I lunched at Billy's, then she bought out (not really!) Croscill (which is going out of business so everything is on sale) buying curtains for her house in Tennessee. I would have to keep asking her if she was buying something for the house here or the house there!! Both places will probably be decorated gorgeously! Then we went downtown to the coffee shop where she treated me to a delicious smoothie. It was a lot of fun. Gwen, we have to do it again soon!!
Well, I have had about an hour's break while writing this. Erica called and we had a nice long chat. The newlyweds are doing very well, and while we were on the phone, they got two more wedding gifts!! Fun!!! And then I got a beep and it was Katie's mom Diana so I am calling her back in just a few minutes. Fun phone calls today!!
I just went out on the deck to eat a bite of lunch and Blue, the beautiful grey boy kitty that has decided to live here was all comfy, sleeping in a sun beam UNTIL he smelled the sausage I was eating!! He kept jumping all over me, trying to get some people food, and being the stern cat owner that I am and wanting to teach him not to beg for food, I gave him half of the sausage!! So cute, so cute. He so belongs to someone, but they must not be looking for him very hard. He is so sweet, I know I would be looking for him! What's one more cat, though.....
That's going to be it for now. I hope everyone has a great Friday night!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday night

Hey. How is everyone this evening? It is a beautiful night, a full moon, cool breeze, just lovely. And it is nine o'clock (don't pay any attention to that time thing on the bottom of the blog, it is never right!). I am going to enjoy this lovely evening by crawling into my bed and hopefully, being asleep very very soon. Not that it has been a bad day, quite the opposite. I am just tired.
And, Allie, my cute little year old cat, is in heat, big time. And being the forward thinking, progressive city that Vicksburg is, that means paying for a vet because there are no spay/neuter programs here because, well, because it's Vicksburg!!! I sure hope that money tree starts putting out some leaves soon!! But don't let my comments keep you from coming to Vicksburg. The coffee shop alone is worth the trip!
The Steve Irwin thing is still so sad. And apparently it WASN'T instantaneous if he could pull the barb out before he died. I watched about fifteen minutes of a documentary on him this evening, and I had to change the channel. It is just too sad, and there is enough sadness around!! So I watched Bones, where they had the absolutely grossest stuff on there. Hmmmm, much better.....
I am having lunch tomorrow with my friend, Gwen, which ought to be fun. And Carolyn will be getting back from Wilmington on Saturday, so she is bound to have some interesting stuff to tell me. The weather will be absolutely perfect tomorrow. Oh, and Daniel and Lesley will be back on Saturday also. Gee, everyone!! It's time to come home!! If only for a little while (and you know who you are!!!).
Hopefully, and it has to be within the next two weeks, Erica's and Fuzzy's wedding picture will be in the paper. After everyone gazes and oohs and ahhs over it, could you please save your copies so I can distribute them to family members? Thanks!!! I got tons of Christopher's and Katie's picture so I'm counting on you to let me get tons of E and F's.
Well, it is after nine. I am tired. The little crippled Teddiebear has learned to jump off of the loveseat. And she is just flipping around in the kitchen right now. Between her and Allie in heat, it is quite interesting, catwise here. Shout out to my grandcats, Parker, Mustapha, Latte, and the newest addition, Mokey. I'm sorry about that "shout out" thing. It is the first thing that came through my fingers.
Okay, now I am just getting silly.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

Well, I guess everyone has heard the tragic news about S. I. being killed today by a stingray. It just goes to show, you never know. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and humor, and yeah, I thought he kind of screwed up when he was holding baby Bob and feeding a croc, but a stingray barb through the heart? No offense, but,CRIKEY! At least he went out doing what he loved and it sounds as though it was pretty fast.
Our family has a stingray story. And there are still stingray sightings in South Carolina, I understand. You just never know where they will turn up.
So, here is a quick explanation of the Reid stingray - years and years and years ago, in a galaxy far far away, no, actually in Panama City, Florida, a plastic stingray was bought because my little boy (Hey, my little boy!) wanted one. It was very realistic looking, unless you saw the price that was written on its belly! ANYWAY, C. would put the stingray halfway into a bucket, put it where the water would almost get to it, and then act like he had just caught it! One couple told him to go tell his mother he had caught it, but most realized that he was a six year old boy just playing. I just sat there in my beach chair, watching and laughing. Ah, how thin I was. Back to the story, though. That stingray is now living in South Carolina, where I believe, he was holding a card for Christopher congratulating him on his graduation, and has been tossed into the shower, bed, kitchen, anywhere that you can toss a stingray! I'm just very grateful that the Reid stingray wasn't very dangerous! And I think you can still see the price on the stingray's body!
So, rest in peace, Steve Irwin. I know that your conservation work will continue for many many years.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vicksburg's wonderful movie theater

A friend of mine who moved away a year ago made the comment to me on the phone the other night that she liked "the idea of Vicksburg", which made me laugh quite a bit. Because, that is the honest truth. You want to like the "real" Vicksburg and its ideals and idiosyncrasies, but the actual Vicksburg? Well, it is getting harder and harder to like. For instance, our mall. I use the term "mall" because that is what they call themselves, but in actuality, it is just a big brick building that has a couple of stores in it. One of them is a movie theater, for lack of a better description. Today, David and I saw that Talladega Nights was playing at 2:40. That sounded great. We could go to the show and then stop off at the grocery store. So, we got there, bought our tickets, and this was a first for us, WE ACTUALLY BOUGHT A LARGE POPCORN!!! We had not eaten lunch so this would stave off actual fainting from hunger. At 2:45, I went and told them that the movie hadn't started (we were the only two in there) so the girl who apparently was the manager, and if she was over 21 I would have really been surprised, said she would go tell them to start the movie. Wha?? So, I go sit back down. Another ten minutes pass. I get up and knock on the employees only door and she actually said, "who is it?" and I said, a customer. She came out and said that oops, the projectionist dropped the movie and didn't know how to put it back together!! But that they were trying. Wha??? again. Back in the seat I went. A very young guy came in with a broom and I asked him about why it was so hot in there. The air conditioner went out last year and boy did it get cold in there during the winter, he said!! Now, excuse my abbreviation, but WTF????? Then, lo and behold, some sound came on and a very blurry, off the screen picture comes on. Then it goes away. Again, it comes on. Then it goes away. After this went on about 10 more minutes, I got up again and asked if there was anything else, besides Snakes on a Plane showing, and of course, there wasn't. And she said they would give us passes to come back and I asked her why on earth would I want to come back? I told her that I had lived in this town all of my life. Why couldn't we get a decent movie theater? No wonder everyone goes to Jackson. I was very polite, seriously, I was. So, I go back in there and a few minutes later, here comes a couple of people, offering us our money back. We got up, and I told this other girl employee that I couldn't believe that they even called themselves a theater and she told me that they just fired the projectionist. So, we got our money and left. Two of the employees then went outside the theater doors to smoke. That is the only movie theater in this town, folks. And we are not a little podunk town either. And please, do not take offense at the term "podunk". We use that a lot in the south.
So, chalk it up to another in the long line of Vicksburg foibles. Like I said, the "idea" is much better than the "reality". Although, this evening, David and I drove to one of the river overlooks and with the sunset and the cool breeze and the river flowing, it was absolutely gorgeous. I am surprised that someone from Vicksburg hasn't come along and managed to screw that view up!! Give 'em time. Someone will do it.
Well, I didn't get to sleep until four this morning so I am going to call it a night. IT'S A NIGHT. You DID know I had to do that, right?
Oh, and HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Well, we got to the movie this afternoon and I highly recommend it, IF you are not offended by bad language. And Steve Carell is such a good actor. It was a little disconcerting at first to hear him talk because all I could hear was his character from The Office, but after a few minutes, all I could think was how good he was. Everyone was very good. The little girl was a cutie, Greg Kinnear is always good, Toni Collette, who is built like a NORMAL woman, was good as the mother of kids who DON'T talk or see dead people, Alan Arkin was good. But, Paul Dano, who plays the teenage boy who doesn't talk, was EXCELLENT! He just really was such a good part of the movie. The yellow VW bus they are riding in is a hilarious part of the movie, and then there is the pageant. With all of the stuff lately about JonBenet, it was kind of cringe inducing, which is what I am sure the directors were going for. And comparing it to Happy, Texas was kind of right on the mark - independent film about little girl pageants, Little Miss Fresh Squeezed (H,T) and Little Miss Sunshine (LMS, obviously). So, if dark, dysfunctional comedy is your cup of tea, by all means, go see this movie.
That's it. We'll talk later!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday night

So, it is officially a holiday weekend! Yay!! This has been one heck of a week.
We took my mother in law to the orthopedic doctor today and he basically said for her to continue her Tylenols and start moving her arm. That's it. We didn't have to wait long, thank goodness. She is in a much better frame of mind, though, which takes a load off of my mind. Yesterday she was still all upset and anxious, but by the time I left her house yesterday afternoon, she seemed in better spirits. And she was certainly in good spirits today. After her doctor appointment, we took her to the health department to get a tetanus shot, and then, you guessed it, we went to the coffee shop where she bought us all delicious smoothies!!! So, I think she is on the mend. Now if I can just get her and my mother to get those life alert things!
Tomorrow we are going to try to get to Jackson, just to get away. I was afraid that we wouldn't get to do anything, but Lord willing and the creek don't rise, our trip is back on. I want to go see Little Miss Sunshine. I mean, they mentioned Happy, Texas in the article about it and Happy, Texas is one of my all time favorite movie. I have seen it so many times, I just about do know the dialogue, but I have to watch it all the time. It is just that good! If you haven't seen it, by all means, go rent it!! You will be quoting it after you watch it, I guarantee it!! Well, I'm not going to GIVE you anything if you don't quote it, so that isn't much of a guarantee, is it? Watch it anyway.
So, I am exhausted and am going to go to bed now.
Have a great Saturday!