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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Morning, all. I have an update on my mother in law. First, a little backstory on the weekend. She called me all upset on Saturday, and rightly so, because when she tried to turn on a burner to heat some water, flames shot out of the control knob! We went over there later in the day and the smell of gas would knock you out! Luckily, she was okay, but David turned the gas off and we opened up some windows and got some fresh air in there. So, Monday, they came out and looked at her situation, and by "they", I think the people she was getting a new cooktop from, and they scheduled the installation for yesterday. So, yesterday, she gets up, goes outside to feed the birds, and fell. As the day wore on, her arm hurt more and more, so David stopped by there on his way home from Natchez. He hadn't been home fifteen minutes last night when she called and was in horrible pain and wanted us to come out there. We gave her some tylenol, something to eat, and then wrapped an ace bandage around her arm, and then made kind of a sling.
So, today, I am taking her to the doctor to get it xrayed. I wouldn't be surprised if it was broken but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just very badly bruised. So, I have to shake off my headache and backache, because David can't go and I will be having to push and pull her in and out of the car, which won't be easy because her arm really hurts! We had trouble getting her out of her chair last night. I will keep you posted.
Because of all of this, I didn't get to see the special on Katrina last night, but what I did see wasn't very good. I mean, there is a newsguy standing, LIVE, as they kept saying, on the side of the road in Biloxi, and he was sweating bullets and they kept showing the casinos that are up and running and where people are going to build, etc. Not the kind of show I was expecting. I did find a good show on the History Channel, about the National Guard's first response. It was more of what I wanted to see, footage of them rescuing people and how they got to the people, that kind of stuff. But then we had to leave. So, I saw enough. I mean, dang, we still have a tarp on our roof from Katrina!!! Thank goodness it is not a blue one!!
Well, I had better go take care of the critters before I go get Norma.
Have a good day!!


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