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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday night

So, hello everyone! Today I got the news that I do NOT have any heart blockage, so I will just be "throwing pvc's" left and right with abandon, apparently. But that is a relief, needless to say. Tomorrow is the big day, though, and I am trying to stay calm about it. David is very confident that it will be good news, and the oncology nurse that we have been working with for almost two years feels that it should be good, also. But even knowing that, I have decided to stay in the waiting room for his doctor visit tomorrow. Call me a chicken sh*t, I just cannot go into the room. That doesn't mean that I don't feel that we will get good news, it just means that I am afraid that I will just pass out and my heart will jump out of my mouth if I have to sit in there and wait for Dr. Graham to come in!! One time they took MY blood pressure and it was sky high, so we both think it is best that I not go back there. So, we'll post the results soon.
It was hot today, but it is lightning now, so I am going to sign off and walk Goober. Think good thoughts and send extra prayers in the next few hours, okay?


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