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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


August 1. It is hard to believe that July is over, especially since we have been aiming at it for so long! I am still tired, but we ventured out today to get food, vitamins, and pet stuff. AND, I bought some Christmas presents today! They have all of this stuff marked down at Walmart to get ready for the Christmas season. I wouldn't be surprised if Santa comes to the mall on Labor Day! Anyway, they had little kid stuff so I got Kyle's kids some stuff. Cute stuff, too, so that is one I can check off of my list. I do love a good bargain!! It was very hot today, but unbelievably, not as hot as it apparently is in Chicago! But it is very hot, too hot to do much of anything, so we went to Daniel's coffee shop where I got a perfectly wonderful fruit smoothie and David got an iced coffee. Daniel is so excited about everything in his shop, which makes it a lot of fun to go there. They are having a reading, a book signing, and live music Friday night. We might just have to mosey on down there.
I heard a train whistle this morning. I used to hear it and think, ah, that is so lovely. This morning, it is the sound of my nightmares!!! Seriously, the train ride was hell. And Christopher tried to warn me, but I just thought, no, it will be just fine. A good time will be had by all. No. Good. Time. Whatsoever.
A quick overview of our experience: I didn't know trains had two levels. And the restrooms are on the bottom level. An almost 80 year old and an almost incapacitated 78 year old on an upper level of a train will have to go to the bathroom within 15 hours. And with the jerking and jostling that the train does, well, you can imagine me trying to hold onto them and get them into a stall. My back was hurting so bad from pushing and pulling them, then getting them back into their seats. And I noticed that there was a lower level for disabled people. I tried to call the number on the ticket all week to get our tickets changed to that, at least for the mothers, and never could get through. So, when we got to Union Station on Sunday, we didn't have a clue where to go, so I left David with the mothers and the massive pile of luggage and went to the ticket counter. Well, I got in line for the ticket counter. I get to the counter, a very rude woman was working there, and when I explained my dilemma, she said she would switch us IF there were free seats, and then almost immediately she said, sorry, the train is full. NEXT ! I just looked at her because I do not believe that she even looked. So, I go back and am just very upset, very tired, very hot, and if I were a rich woman, I would have eaten those train tickets and bought four tickets on Southwest. An hour and a half and we are back in Jackson. But, couldn't do that, so have to deal, I kept telling myself. So, we need a redcap. There is not one anywhere. David goes to find one, my mother in law is mad at me (just about everything is pretty much my fault that evening, apparently) so she goes and stands several feet away, while I am sitting with my head in my hands while my mother is just sitting there, quietly, thank goodness. So, finally, here comes this guy with his cart and he, David, and I load everything in the cart and he drives us to the baggage check. We missed it by two minutes. He saw my face and said, don't worry, I will drive you to the train, since you have the senior citizens with you and I will put your luggage on there. We were very grateful, because it is a long damn way to the train! So, we get there, get off the cart and start loading luggage and mothers on the train. My mother falls while going up the steps into the train. So, I'm yelling for someone to help us and the redcap and another man comes over to help, as does David when he realizes what has happened. I told the redcap that I had tried to get on the bottom level and he put my mother in the first seat and said that my mother in law could go sit there, too. Well, my mother in law bursts into tears and said she couldn't sit anywhere without David. Fine. I'LL sit with my mother and she and David can sit upstairs. Now, on this fifteen hour train ride, NOBODY needed our seats, so that just confirmed that the woman at Union Station did NOT look to help me change our seats. What a bitch. Anyway, I looked at the redcap and told him that while I loved my husband, I loved him too! He laughed and said that wanted to help us because he had just lost his mother and wanted to make it easier on us. I hugged him and will always be very grateful to him for his help. We tipped him big time.
In a way, it was good that my mother and I had all this time to talk. It was dark, we were comfortable, and we got a chance to discuss the week and I got a chance to reassure her that I wasn't mad at her, I had just been pushed and pulled in so many directions that it just seemed that I was.
More stuff happened later on, though, that ticked me off, but I won't go into it here. Some comments were made to me that were not appreciated, but I am just going to shrug it off (eventually !) to the fact that everyone was tired and ready to get home. And boy, was I tired and ready to get home!!!!
So, now I have a pile of laundry to do but to be honest, I am tempted to take them to a laundromat to be washed, dried, fluffed and folded!! It would so be worth it!!!
And here it is, almost 10:30 at night. I need to go to bed.
I trust that the honeymooners are having a relaxing honeymoon. And I do hope that Chicago cools off soon. Even though I know we won't cool down for a couple of months, there were dry brown leaves on the deck, the sun is at a slightly different angle, and football practice is going on at the high school. And since it is now August, we can say that fall officially starts next month!!!! I don't want to wish time away, but autumn is my favorite time of year. Maybe it is because I grew up on Autumn Drive!!!!!!!
Have a great day tomorrow, or today if you are reading this on Wednesday!!
Talk later!


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