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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Okey, dokey, what a day, what a day. First off, it was raining when we left for Jackson this morning, which was nice because it kept the temperature below 100 degrees today, but it did cause us to have to use umbrellas and dodge puddles and stuff. David wasn't feeling too nifty because he had to drink those barium shakes. I didn't feel too nifty because I felt like I had a little hammer going in my chest. I was very nervous. The scan went well, and yes, I had left my umbrella in the waiting room, but someone turned it in. That's why I just figure, what the hell, I will dry, because I WILL leave my umbrella somewhere!! But I actually think I got home with it. I'm glad, because it has cats on it! And you know I love the cats.
ANYWAY, since David hadn't eaten, we went to Applebee's and got lunch, then headed on over to Target and PetSmart, which was pretty nice because there were so few people, and even fewer children at both places. Then we went to a coffee shop and I am sorry, my nerves just got the better of me and I kept tearing up and all. David fell asleep in the chair!
By now, it is time for the doctor appointment. And I did NOT go back there, and the nurse was so puzzled to see David by himself, but he explained everything to her and she came out to check on me. They are very nice there. What a job to have, huh? So, then 45 of the longest minutes of my life went by and there I was, sitting in a corner, trying not to be noticed and of course, everyone was looking at me shaking and having a meltdown. Bless you, Erica, for talking about Roxie Hazel - it did help. Then here comes the nurse to get me and David and Dr. Graham are in his office, looking at a computer, looking at the CT scans. I looked at them and they explained the results. WHICH WERE - Mild progression in the lungs, but stable in the liver. Not what we wanted, but dang, I'll take it!! But Dr. G showing us the scans made us both feel a lot better. The chemo is not really working, and it has messed up D's hands and feet horrendously, so he is off of that. But he will continue to take Avastin, not really a chemo drug, more of a biological agent, basically it might as well be chemo, but with less side effects. He has been on Avastin for over a year, but it has been in addition to other stuff. So, he will get a double amount every two weeks, and they will monitor the side effects that may occur. BUT, and this is a big one, the nodules in the lungs, while there were more, also had a new element to them. The larger ones had a dark spot in the centers of them. The doctor said that this is cavitation, and he feels that the NODULES ARE DYING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!! When we heard that, we looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief!! WE ARE GOING TO BEAT THIS THING!! It is just taking longer than we anticipated!!! Dr. G was so nice, and knows that we are going to do everything that we can to get David well. He also commented on my weight loss, which was nice and as always, gave me a big hug when we were leaving. I know he gets compensated well, but he is really a very nice man with a very hard job. And his nurse, Betty, who probably is late fifties, just bought a motorcycle! Good people to know, good people to know.
So, a warm bath, a dose of Nyquil, and I hope to sleep the sleep of angels tonight!!!!!!
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts for today. And believe me, when we read our scriptures tonight, well, our determination has been fired up with this today, so we will read them with extra gusto!!!
If anything else happened in the world today, I don't really know about it. But I do know that it is Cheryl's 52nd birthday, and her daughter Healy's 30th birthday today. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y'ALL!!!! Many more, many more......
So, that's it for now! And thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!


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