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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday morning

Okay, I reread my posts - I was just "chicken" on one, then yesterday I proceeded to being "chicken sh*t", but today I am a "chicken nugget". I am pretty calm (NOW), am am just chillin' like the nuggets do in their little boxes. I really could use some honey mustard sauce, though, you know, hitting the sauce?!! Bad joke, but hey, it is really early!! It is cloudy right now, so I doubt it will get to 101 degrees as it did yesterday. I hope it doesn't rain while we are at the hospital because we usually have to park miles away. David has had to drink that barium shake last night and this morning, so that is gross, but he is just so very confident. He has been carrying around the baby kitten and talking baby talk to her. Personally, I wish we could just take her with us because she would get our minds off of everything!! One look from her and we just melt.
Dogs just barked. They know I am up so I guess I need to go "release the hounds"!
Wish us luck!!


  • At Thursday, August 10, 2006, Blogger Rine-Stone said…

    Hey, Tricia. My thoughts and prayers are with you and David tonight. I hope you received good news at the MD today. Take care, okay?
    Love, Rebecca Rine-Stone


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