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Sunday, August 27, 2006


It's noon, Sunday. Drizzling rain. Cloudy. I love it. It could pour all afternoon, as far as I'm concerned! We have shows to watch, little chores to do, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Apparently I have a new grandcat named Moki. She looks an awful lot like a tortoiseshell cat that we had for years named Coco, who I also called Moki at time. I tend to have a dozen nicknames for each of my cats. Needless to say, that's a lot of nicknames! Anyway, congrats Christopher and short haired Katie (I like it!)!! I just hope you don't have to get a cage for her!! Our little Coco was insane, really insane, in a sweet way, and needed to be isolated from the other cats. It seems a million years ago that we just had her, Bumble, and Freda. WHAT HAPPENED???? Bobbie showed up, had babies, we kept them, Rudy showed up, Punky showed up, Little Guy was born, we move here and the hobo cat network was activated so here they all come, and all of a sudden, we have 17 cats!!! But as much trouble as they can be, and expensive as they can be, I do love them all. We have one kitten that I would love to find a good home for before something happens to her, or she gets pregnant. I wish we had a low cost spay/neuter program around here but we don't. All of our utilities are going up in September, our gas is higher than it is 45 minutes away in Jackson, so OF COURSE the vets here and our city administrators aren't going to do anything to help control the pet population, other than cart them off and kill them within a week if they aren't claimed. I mean, we can't even get recycling here! Okay, I'm getting mad. Counterproductive to my lazy Sunday afternoon.
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