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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday morning

Good morning all. It is almost noon and other than taking care of animals and drinking two cups of coffee, I haven't done much of anything so far today. It is a beautiful day - a storm blew through last night which just knocked down burned up leaves and cleared the air, so the day has a "fallish" feeling to it. And the school buses will be running Tuesday, so that will add to the illusion! The first football game will be August 25, so I will have to sit out on the deck and listen to the band, the crowd, and the announcer. That will be nice and relaxing, seriously.
Tomorrow I have that stress test. I have this pain in my chest, though, from this congestion and I hope that it doesn't interfere with the test. I mean, I don't want to go in there and get an IV and then it doesn't work! I am not looking forward to it, of course, but I am really more apprehensive about David's test and results on Thursday. He is the picture of health, feels great, worked 9 hours yesterday out of town, why should I be worried? I had a long talk with the man upstairs and I feel confident that it will be a good scan. And I talked to God, too! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
The newlyweds should be winging their way back to Chicago today. I hope that they are relaxed and refreshed and ready to start their 50 plus years of marriage. I remember getting back from our honeymoon. We had to go to the store and buy kitchen stuff. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you couldn't register for mundane things like spatulas, pots and pans, and the like, and I just couldn't do too much with ice tongs and crystal and silver salad bowls!! Erica's kitchen, as well as Christopher's kitchen, are both so much better than mine, bigger, more counter space, and their ovens work!!! But that is another topic at a future date.
As many of you know, I have a lot of cats. So, now there is this absolutely gorgeous gunmetal gray tomcat that is hanging around here all of the time now. I saw him right after Katrina last year and he was tame so I thought he was an evacuee's cat that was here temporarily. Well, if he is from the coast, he moved into the neighborhood. And the one female that I haven't caught yet and gotten fixed (pluck some more twenties off of that money tree!!) must be singing her siren song, because he is back and just hanging around. I went out there this morning and he came running up to me, meowed, and rubbed against my legs!! Smokey Joe was very jealous and growling and I had to keep him away from the gray one because I don't want cat fight injuries, but y'all, this gray one is so sweet! I cuddled with him and he just purred and purred. I don't know what to do. I cannot call animal control because they will put him to sleep, and it is obvious he belongs to someone. I know getting the female fixed will end the problem, so I will have to do that soon. But hey, we have to get our own health problems taken care of first! What to do, what to do.....
That's all for now. I am going to go get David out of bed. He got in at midnight last night so he is very very tired. But he does have to get up today!!
I will discuss the stress test tomorrow. It will be somuchfunIjustknow.


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